Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Ssambap - Korean Rice Wrap With Lettuce

Ssambap - Korean Rice Wrap With Lettuce.  Ssam means " wrap " in korean and bap means " rice " . I promised Piggy Jo that we will have Ssambap , a country style Korean food ,for dinner when she is back for the weekend.  She and myself are great fan of Korean cuisine and ssambap is on of her favourite korean food.  I prepared some succulent stove grilled pork belly and made some pickled garlic slices for the rice wraps.  The best crisp lettuce is the green coral lettuce. The kimchi I made came in handy and in it goes for the rice wrap. I wanted to make some ssamjang (condiment sauce made of guchojang paste and soybean paste) for the ssambap but Jo told me with the kimchi , the ssambap would be flavorful enough. 

How to make ssam

Start with the lettuce , choose a smaller leaf.   Place the lettuce in your hand, add a small mound of rice, stack grilled meat on top, finish with some kimchi and a few slices of pickled garlic . Wrap the whole thing into a neat package ( about the size of a golf ball ) and eat it in one bite.  Try not to make the whole thing too big, because then you are stuck with two messy options: stuffing it in your mouth or biting into the ssam and spilling its contents everywhere.

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