Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ladies, Update Your Guys Look with a New Wedding Band

Trends change. People change. Budgets change. So when you've been married for a few years you may discover that your wedding band no longer fits your guy’s style or taste. It could be that the band literally doesn't fit your finger, from weight gain or weight loss, and certain types of rings are not able to be re-sized or cost as much as buying a new one. Or it's possible that you would like to splurge on your spouse in a way that was previously impossible when you were young and poor. Whatever the case may be, if you think you might want to update your man’s look with a new wedding band, there may be more options than you expect.

Traditionally, wedding bands for men have been very simple and plain. Though for a while trends dictated purchasing, matching wedding bands for the bride and groom. Jewelers have now realized that men and women don't necessarily want to wear the same style of jewelry-- any more than they would wear the same clothing. Over the last few years, opportunities have grown for purchasing unique, interesting, and fashionable wedding bands to address the tastes of men in their own right.

The trend in men's bands has gotten considerably thicker and heavier, reflecting the masculinity of the person wearing it. While gold and silver are still available, many men prefer different compositions such as titanium, platinum, palladium (a relative of platinum), cobalt chrome, and even stainless steel.

Another continuing trend is men's tungsten wedding bands. Some of these stylish metals rank higher than gold in categories such as strength, durability, and purity, but you should be educated on the pros and cons of each metal and how to care for it. Make certain to learn which metals allow re-sizing and factor that into your decision. For instance, men's tungsten wedding bands cannot be altered in size.

Gemstones have sometimes been included in men's weddings bands as a personal preference. However, that trend is beginning to succumb to newer design options, such as inlays, ribbed edges, and patterns.

Patterns may be as simple as a wave, or a more detailed engraved Celtic wedding bands design on stainless steel that reflects his personality. Laser-engraved designs for men's tungsten wedding bands bring out the unique qualities and luster of this metal. Some men's ring designs include more than one metal to create a uniqueness of their own, and may be more versatile when worn with watches or other metal jewelry.

As you think about how to update his look with a new wedding band, consider his personal tastes, your budget, and what comfort level he needs. Certain rings are more comfortable than others for the wearer. Some rings, called "comfort fit" are specially rounded on the inside to keep squared edges from pinching or digging into the skin.

These can be a little pricey and may be sized differently so it's important to do your research before making a purchase. If you’re planning to surprise your man, make sure you’re very confident about the return or exchange policy of the store or website you are using.

Whether it's a surprise or he’s getting it for himself, shopping for a new wedding band will be meaningful as you revisit the reasons why you married why you chose to be together forever.


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