Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pan Fried And Baked Beef Patties

Wild Boar has been craving for patties especially beef patties !  Talking about eating more veggies this year LOL!  The family loves beef .  I have a piece of beef cut meant for stir fry with ginger and spring onions but since the craving for patties is so  strong. I took it out and chopped them coarsely . Patties are easy to make. Just add in chopped red onions, basil leaves and some pepper and salt and you will have the best patties for dinner :)  You must be wondering why pan fried and baked at the same time...well , I pan fried it first then placed the patties on a grill pan and baked them in the oven for a  few minutes  The baking process will help drain off excess oil.   

you can add in any ingredients you like to the minced beef,
I added in chopped onions, fresh basil and for seasoning
sea salt and fresh ground white pepper...mixed well and 
form patties...size of your choice

roll the patties on flour mixed with potato flakes

these are ready for pan frying
on non stick pan

pan fried them till 3/4 cooked , take out and 
placed them on grill pan and baked in the oven
for 10-15 minutes  till  cooked 

I am happy to see the oil dripping from the patties onto the 
aluminium foil 

 the patties look crisps and delicious,
 the fact that all the oil from the patties have dripped to the bottom
of the grill pan making the patties crispy on the outside
and moist on the inside....delish !

Pan Fried And Baked Beef Patties

Ingredient A

500gm ground beef
1 large red onion- diced
1 sprig of basil leaves  - chopped coarsely
a pinch of sea salt for taste
1/8 tsp of ground white pepper
a tsp of olive oil

flour mixture for coating

3 tbsp of plain flour
2 tbsp of potato flakes

Mix ingredient A together till well blended.  Leave the mixture to rest for 20 minutes.   Divide equally into 7 balls. Flatten it slightly into patties and roll on the flour mixture.  Pan fried the patties on 1/8 inch of canola oil till 3/4 cooked. Take out and placed them on grill pan lined with aluminium foil. Bake in preheated oven of 190C for 10-15 minutes or till fully cooked.   Serve hot with rice or serve as finger food.

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  1. Mmm wanna tumpang makan your hse liao

  2. Oooo...oily! But bet that tastes like heaven. My girl would love it - anything deep fried, she'll love!

    1. I love it what more young lady like Melissa :)

  3. Wow! Great crunchy idea with the flour and potato flakes :)
    Like the oven baking tip to allow excess oil to drip away too :)

    1. Lynne...yea, bake it to finish the cooking allows excess oil to drip away :) healthier and add crisps to the crust !


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