Thursday, January 10, 2013

Fresh Mushrooms Fritters

I love eating shrooms either stir fried or deep fried as fritters.  I have tried many fritter recipes but this concortion is the best. I read this batter recipe from one chinese magazine and have while reading the recipe, I knew the combination of 3 different flours would give a great crisps and crunch to mushrooms.  I decided to try it for our New Year Eve's dinner and gosh , it was darn good :)  The mushroom fritters was crispy and crunchy on the outside and chewy moist on the inside. Until the last piece disappeared, it was still crispy and crunchy .  Beautiful batter that I must share here with you guys :)   Dont just gawk at it..go try it out yourself to believe every word I write here :)  Read on for the batter recipe.

I used fresh Japanese Bunashemiji from Jusco.  It is the best for this fritter coz the mushrooms have been prewashed and you can cooked them straight from the packet.  That is why I like buying from Jusco.  Cut off the ends and you can deep fried them when the oil is hot enough.  I bought two types, one white and one brown shemiji.  This so addictive and if you use canola oil for the deep frying, then you can eat the whole plate of shrooms fritters without guilt :)

the batter is made up of plain flour, rice flour and corn flour
some baking powder to give it the puff  needed to make it crispy 

drain off extra oil on paper towel before serving

see how crispy and crunchy they looked here ......I love it and
if I am allowed, I will tucked in the whole plate :p

You can serve this as a dish by itself or as a side for your roast meat 

Fresh Mushrooms Fritters

1 packet of fresh Japanese Bunashemiji -  those prewashed one would be appropriate for this recipe
( if you need to wash the mushrooms, make sure you dry the mushrooms with paper towel before you deep into the batter for deep frying )


3 tbsp of plain flour
1 tbsp of rice flour
1 tbsp of corn flour
1/4 tsp of baking powder
1/4 tsp of sea salt
4 tbsp water
2 tbsp oil


Combine all the dry ingredients and salt together in a bowl . Add in water and oil  and whisk the mixture into a batter.  Heat oil till right temperature.  Dip in a wooden chopstick into the hot oil , if you see bubbles at the end of the chopstick , then the oil is ready for deep frying.  Coat the mushrooms with the batter and drop into the hot oil.  Fry till the mushrooms are lightly browned.  Take out and drain on paper towel.  Serve the fritters with your favorite chilli sauce or wasabi.  

Enjoy !

You may want to try this dessert after taking in the heat from the fritters :p

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  1. Crikey! I love mushrooms!
    I think they very much look like Japanese Tempura! Hubbs does not understand why I would turn healthy veggies into something naughty by deep-frying them!
    I would join you by eating the lot too! ;)

    1. Lynne...yea, man will never understand why LOL! let's enjoy now and forget about the caloric value after deep frying them..hahaha

  2. WOW! These mushrooms fritters look so cripsy and delicious. Thanks for sharing on how to combine the three flour together.

  3. Replies
    1. ohh...then you must ask her to make more , for it is really addictive * wink

  4. okay ma'am! will take note of these flour formulas to make fritters!! have a wonderful week!!


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