Monday, January 7, 2013

Oven Roasted Pork Rack - Main Dish

Okay, to make Wild Boar happy ,  more work for Elin , we decided not to dine out for our New Year Eve dinner . I was hoping to paint the town red with him but he hates crowd so can forget ab . I decided to serve the carnivor WB  his favorite , to bye bye  a wonderful and happy 2012 and a toast to a better 2013.....yea his favorite...Roast Pork Rack .  Joshua my Piggy boy bought herbs rubs and steak seasoning for me when he was in UK :) so,  time to use the seasoning for the pork rack  .........................

Managed to get some pork rack ( asked the butcher to cut into 3 thick slices for easy work when serving )  from my meat butcher in Canning market.  She told me " you are lucky today " ...and charged me RM75 for three strips of pork rack  LOL!   When I said " wow, that is pricey man " She counter replied and said " you go eat at  'Indulgence ' a fine dining restaurant in Ipoh , and come back tell me how much you are charged for the roast rack  " !   LOL!  I forgot what I replied her coz my mind was already planning what I am going to with the RM75 pork rack :))))  I left with a few tips from the butcher on how to make the meat tender and juicy :)  worth my RM75  !!!   I asked her to cut into three thick slices.  The other part is the rib ,I used them for making another mouth-watering dish which I will share  in my next post .

The trick is to use sodium bicarbonate to tenderize the meat..just 1 tsp for the three pieces. Rub sea salt and black pepper to season overnight.   After which , I dumped them into the oven to roast for 30 minutes. Took them out and rub the steak seasoning on the pork rack with a brush and gosh it smells good :)  Put the pork rack slices back to the oven and further roasted for another 30 minutes.  Boy, it was so fragrant !

the seasoning is " American Steakhouse Seasoning "

I have made 3 sides to go with this roasted pork rack
which I will share with you in the coming posts.

I have been pretty busy the past weeks but will try to update
soon :)

Have a nice day !


  1. That's a pretty pricy pork rack there :) but if it tastes good, well worth the price. Sodium bicarb is it? Good tip, will take note. Thanks

    1. are welcome. yea worth every penny :)

  2. Sounds like a perfect meal to send off one year and welcome the next.

    Happy New Year, Elin!

    1. Cher...:) yes a wonderful meal to send off 2012 and welcome 2013.

  3. Since discovering Sodium Bircarbonate is a meat tenderiser - it's been great with pork chops (that's what we call that cut here ;) ) and beef :) It's my trick when marinating sliced meat for stir-fry ;)
    Looks amazing Elin :)

  4. Hi Elin,
    This pork rack looks yummy. May I know at what temperature did you use to roast the pork? How long do I need to leave the baking soda for? Many thanks!


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