Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Light And Easy Pulled Chicken Porridge/Congee

I have not been exactly feeling on top of the world of late....my perimenopause symptom of joint pain was quite unbearable, thus not up to cooking anything elaborate.  I cooked  light and easy pulled chicken porridge for Wild Boar and myself.  Yea, I actually hates porridge unless it is seafood porridge :p  but this turned out simply delicious.  Most important , it does not need much  washing.  With WB's help, I managed to cook this to perfection :)  Slurrp..................

Luck was in , I have some chicken breast and chicken carcass for making chicken stock , all stocked up in the freezer.  Steamed the chicken breast for 30 minutes and WB help to make them into pulled meat for the porridge.  I boiled some chicken stock with the chicken carcass and used the stock to boil the rice grains until soft but not mushy.  WB prefers the grains to be still in whole form.  Add in some pulled meat before dishing up and let it simmer for another 10 mins and the porridge is ready for serving :)  I am the instructor here and WB is the assistant :p

The ginger shreds  and  white pepper makes the porridge slurpy delicious !
add some pulled chicken as garnishing

I was surprised I took two bowls of this yummilicious porridge !

Light and Easy Pulled Chicken Porridge/Congee


2 small chicken breasts-  steamed and using fork pulled out meat into shreds
1 chicken carcass - boiled  with 1 litre of water to get the chicken broth
1 carrot, 1 onion - diced
1/2 cup of rice grains - washed and drained 
1 thumb sized ginger - julienne into fine shreds
sea salt and white pepper to taste


Get the chicken broth ready by boiling a whole chicken carcass , diced carrot and onions with 1 litre of water  for 40 minutes under medium low heat.  Sieve the chicken stock before use.  

Pour the sieved chicken broth into a deep saucepan and add in the washed rice grains and boil under medium heat till the grains are soft   Add sea salt to  taste.  Add  the pulled chicken into the porridge and give it a boil for 5 minutes.  Serve with ginger shreds and some pulled chicken as garnishing. A shake of white pepper would add flavor to the porridge/congee.

To prepare the pulled chicken  -  rub some sea salt on chicken breast and steam the chicken breast for 25 -30  mins or till cooked. Once the steamed chicken breasts has cooled down,  use a fork to pull out the meat. Add into the porridge and keep some for garnishing.  

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  1. This looks nice and easy to make ! Get well soon momma !

  2. Thanks for reminding .... going to cook this for lunch tomorrow!

  3. I have experienced joint pain ( menopause like you), i took aspirin for a week, i feel better, never have pain anymore, i did take aspirin because i read, aspirin is good for blood clod,heart attack,so i think it will work for my join paint and work well,i eat alot of fruit and veggies,avoid sweets,hope this help youl

  4. What a coincidence. I cooked sweet potato porridge for dinner last night... Must have light meals these few days before the CNY onslaught! LOL!!!

  5. Awwww - sorry you aren't feeling great :-(
    The congee looks like the perfect comfort food.

  6. Awww how sweet of your daughter to leave a comment on your post :) Hope you are feeling much better now. Home cooked porridge is always good to ease the system and makes one feel much better.

  7. Sorry you are not feeling too good :(
    HUgs Xx

    Good chicken congee makes the heart feel happier Xx


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