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Friday, September 14, 2012

Homecooked Dishes For Piggy Jo :)

I enjoy cooking a big feast when my Piggies are back.  Last weekend, Jo managed to find some time to come back to spend some time with us.  So you can imagine how happy I was to be able to see my Piggy after almost a month not seeing her :p  Yea , a month is like a year to me.  That is how much I miss my babies.  Here are some of her favorite dishes which I cooked for her last weekend and you can guess how contended she was....nothing beats homecooked food ! * wink  Glad everyone enjoyed the food.....the five dishes were..............................

1st Dish   - Savory Aubergine 

2nd Dish  - Pan Fried Shrimps With Tamarind Paste

4th Dish  -  Stir Fry Small  Clams With Sour Plum & Salted Beans Sauce

5th Dish -    Steamed Ikan Baung /River Catfish  
(Sorry , forgotten to take a picture of it )

We were too hungry to remember to take a picture
of the Steamed Ikan Baung/River Catfish LOL!

Have a great Weekend !

*           *          *


  1. You are such a good mommy :-)

    I know my girl always likes home cooked food the best.

  2. Well, nothing beats home-cooked meal! You are a fantastic mother.

  3. What a wonderful spread! You family is so blessed!

  4. Oooo...lucky girl! These will put all the restaurants to shame. Yum! Yum!

  5. Arthur....hahaha thank you thank you :p

  6. these are all 5 star dishes!! i think joanna now will consider coming back home more often! haha!


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