Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Octopus Salad

Octopus !!! saw some octopus sold in Tesco and they looked fresh , I bought some home with no idea what to do with them. It is not often that octopus are sold in Tesco and I guess that was what spurned me to buy them.  I looked through my cookbooks for some ideas and eventually I picked this salad recipe.  I tweaked it to suit my taste.   I followed their marinating method but for the rest of the ingredients, I just add in what I have in the fridge. This is the typical me...waste not !  Lucky for me, the salad dish turned out fabulous. I don't know about you but for us, it was indulged joyously. 

The octopus were small in size...perfect for grilling them and having them in salad. The original recipe uses thai sweet chilli sauce and since I don't have that at home, I make my own dressing sauce.  I combined the diced sweet  crunchy jalapeno, red wine vinegar, caster sugar to taste and some chilli sauce of your choice and olive oil together till well blended.  This is simple to whip up and the octopus took just 12 minutes to grill.  Pour sauce over  the grilled octopus and gosh it is addictingly delicious !

clean the octopus by removing the gut 
marinade with olive oil and chopped garlic
for 1-2 hour ...for me I marinade it
overnight in a zippered bag

you can either grill them or pan seared them
I cooked them on grill pan 5 minutes on each
sides till lightly brown and do not over cooked them
it will be tough...just 5 minutes on each sides will do

sauce ingredients -
sweet crunchy jalapeno- diced them into small bite sizes
mixed with olive oil, sugar, chilli sauce and red wine vinegar

lay the grilled octopus on a bed of salad sprouts
and pour sauce over the grilled octopus

love the dressing sauce and the vibrant color of this dish

I mixed them up before serving and cut the octopus into smaller pieces
this is one delicious and mouth-watering salad that was indulged
joyously by the Wild Boar and the Sow....OINK!

this is screaming to be filled into the mouth  LOL!

Enjoy and have a great day !

*           *          *


  1. sedapnye!

    My previous school canteen dredge them in Kentucky flour and goreng!
    Wah, manyak sedap ooooooo

  2. Looks really juicy, Elin! Nice work :)

  3. Hi, Elin. Your octopus salad looks gorgeous. I have been meaning to start cooking octopus because whenever I'm served it somewhere I love it. I only hesitate because the only option I have here is one huge octopus (frozen).

  4. never cook octopus before..but I like the octopus put in the Okonomiyaki..Was the octopus taste chewy?

  5. This certainly looks super delicious! And that's saying a lot since I'm not a great fan of octopus but am strangely addicted to those prepared in the Japanese restaurants ... you know, those marinaded red looking thingies. This looks like something I'd go for. And the pics look great!

  6. your sauce sounds good leh! never eaten octopus for so long..i think the last time i had it in bukit tambun where they just boiled and ate with their chilli garlic sauce.

  7. Sonia....slight chewy but not tough. As long as you don't overcooked them :) I just cooked 5 minutes on one side then flip over and cooked another 5 minutes. Perfect timing so it is nice :) I love the japanese style of cooking octopus in their okonomiyaki.

    Wendy...yea I must try your canteen style then :))

    Shirley..thanks :)

    Sissi...wa huge will take you sometime to finish one then :) unless you are having a party then you can serve this as one of your salad dish :)

    Arthur...yea it is yummy!

    Ping...yea I love that too. Each time I eat Japanese I will order as side dish :)

    Lena...yea, but this is better :p

  8. Elin, I'm with Sonia. A bit 'suagu'! haha.... Have never cook any fresh octopus before. They look yikes but tasty good huh!

  9. Kristy....not 'suagu' just that some people just doesn't like for me I love seafood but could not afford to eat it often ...cholesterol factor LOL! Of course they taste good :)

  10. Wow, this sounds absolutely yummy! I love the sour sweet dressing, must give it a try soon, thanks for sharing the recipe :)


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