Monday, May 21, 2012

Dim Sum @ Qi Yuan , Greentown Business Centre,Ipoh

I have not been cooking for the past few weeks except baking  :(   Been eating out most of the time with friends...gosh , I am growing sideways already !  Miss home cooking lots....but rest assured I will be putting on the apron again :)  Today , I want to share with you guys, a nice place for dim sum in Ipoh . This shop is located in Greentown Business Centre.  The name of the shop is Qi Yuan.  They serve great dim sum.  This is definitely one great place for dim sum....I love their dumplings and radish cake and I heart their different types of fried rolls and not to forget their glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaf.  And of course , they serve  different desserts everyday.   I love their aloe vera with ice cream...yummy!   Wild Boar and myself were taken to this place for brunch by our dear friends, Kitty and Ron...thank you so much  for the scrumptious brunch !  We both enjoyed it very much :)

The ambience is nice...low murmuring among the patrons...unlike other famous Ipoh dim sum restaurants almost everyone is practically shouting at each other to be heard .  This place is great for fellowship . Even though the place is full , it is not noisy...just low murmuring . WB and myself enjoyed the food and the ambience.   I will surely go back there for their dim sum.  I would rate them 8/10  . They serve la mein too . Those who loves noodles can try out their la mein.. they have a few choices in their menu.  

prawns and minced pork rolls

Chives har gow

prawns and  pork fried dumplings

siew loong pau....I love it !

this is how I eat the siew loong pau....with lots of  ginger
and black vinegar...slurp !

century egg and pickled ginger rolls/
pei dan quin

duck egg yolk lava pau...
love the duck yolk cream oozing out
when you bite into the pau.....I would
recommend this if you are eating there....slurrrp...

siew mai....with spinach wrap and top with
duck yolk

and this is their glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaf...
bits of chinese mushrooms , chinese sausages and pork
small portion but it is fragrant so I would recommend this too :)

and this is the dessert I would love to have 
again and again....the jelly is made from
some cooling tea and topped with 
diced aloe vera and a scoop of vanilla
ice cream.......this is simply heavenly
after the scrumptious dim sum...I would
again recommend you order this if you are there

No.74, Persiaran Greentown 1
Greentown Business Centre,
Ipoh , Perak
Phone No : 05-2533551

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  1. next time i come can bring me there ka?

  2. It looks so delicious! I would eat out often if I could get this at a restaurant near me!

  3. Kathy...SURE... you will love it there !

    Lyndsey....haha yea but have to eat like a goat after this scrumptious meal :)))

  4. Elin, please bring there too when I visit Ipoh :)

  5. Ann...YESS !!!! I am glad you are back in form now :)) Rest well and we all miss you and your bakes :)

  6. wow! super yummy Dim Sum! i am drooling over it :)

  7. maybe i've been to this one but not sure of its it next to the dick shop? i'm just guessing cos i see they hv the lava pau also.

  8. Ah Tze.... I apologize for making you drool :p

    Lena...dick shop???? lucky I know you meant duck :))) yea next to the duck shop...their dim sum is good and the place is not so noisy :p

  9. Looks really good. I'd skip the dessert though - not crazy about these Chinese desserts...nor the Taiwanese ones.

  10. I love dim sum! And my kids are dim sum taster expert. haha.... Is this place good, I mean better than the Hillview Hotel ones? My uncle said Hillview is serving dim sum whole day now cause they're not doing any wedding dinner anymore. lol.

  11. I have not been to Hillview for their dim sum. My son loves the one in Ming's Court. They have quite a variety that is good. And this one is not bad either :)


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