Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Home Prepared Tuna Sashimi :)

Well, you better believe it. Yea, I made some tuna sashimi at home for my dinner :p  Gosh I can't believe I ate them and my tummy behaved well ...LOL!  I bought a piece of frozen tuna from the Jusco.  They look fresh and thus I took home a small block . Kept a piece for making sashimi ! Wild Boar was oinking into my ears the whole time I was in the kitchen , preparing this. " Make sure you don't contaminate them or you will land yourself in the hospital ! " and after a few minutes he came in and OINK louder this time and said this " Why not we go to your favorite Japanese haunt and eat your sashimi ? " Haih, the trouble is, he doesn't understand ... to me, being able to make your own sashimi is a JOY ! So, I shoo him away and told him this " Shoo , go away and leave me to prepare my own sashimi in PEACE before you contaminate them with your saliva, the way you OINKIN' at me !!! "  and that managed to get rid of the Wild Boar ! * eyes rolling and you should see his expression.  My joy became his worries !  Of course , my tuna sashimi turned out great want to know how I prepared mine ?But please do not follow if you have a weak stomach. Mine is as thick as the SOW's so I am safe :p       

Okay, make sure your fish is fresh and make sure all your utensils are clean and wear a pair of clean disposable gloves...I make kimchi so I have a box of disposable gloves in my pantry drawer :)  First, I marinade my piece of fresh tuna with grapefruit juice.  Make sure your tuna is fully submerged in the grapefruit juice - this is one way to cook the fish.  I soaked in for a day in the fridge.  Took it out and coat it with store bought french whole grain mustard and coat chopped fresh lemon thyme on tuna. Slice into sashimi slices and serve with wasabi if desired .  It was one good tuna sashimi and I had the most satisfying, healthy dinner, whereas for Wild Boar , my JOY became his worries. He worried that I may get into tummy problem later.....which didn't , so that means I can make my own sashimi from now on ...Yay !  love it and the next one would be salmon .....more worrying for Wild Boar in the coming days  !

this is my the wasabi with my tuna sashimi ...yummy!

the outer layer is cooked by the grapefruit and the inner is so 
fresh and juicy...lovely....only a person who loves
Japanese food will know how good this is !

my Bull Eye egg ....I like the yolk that is still wobbling

I love this bottle of whole grain mustard
good for sandwiches too....

Have a great day and leave me a comment if you think I did well  :)!

*           *           *


  1. Elin, the colour of your tuna sashimi looks beautiful. Perfectly done! Sure WB will enjoy it as well. Enjoy your day, dear.

  2. I have the same mustard too!

    I bought the frozen tuna block and lightly fried the sides.
    Dun have the courage to shashimi it.
    You are really daring!

  3. Gosh, the sashimi makes me drool! Very nicely done, dear. I always keep a bottle of french mustard in my fridge too. They go really well with seafood or meat :)

  4. BEAUTIFULLY done!!! I just made my first tuna tartare and survived, too! So yummy, Elin :)

  5. i'm not brave enough to make shasimi yet, even if i make, i think no one in my house will eat it :(( but if one day if i want to make them, i think i will also need to consult you first!

  6. Oh wow, this looks so, so delicious. I can just imagine the beautiful texture of the tuna :)


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