Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fresh Shiitake And Shrimps Omelette

I can't tell you how much I love fresh mushrooms and I try to have them more often in my diet.  I love all species , of course top on the lists are the white and brown mushrooms, shiitake , enoki and King mushroom. Wild Boar is not a fan of mushroom but I am trying to make him love them and now I can see some improvement....haha he has no choice but to partake them as I cook just this one dish for dinner :p  But of course I added some shrimps for him since he is a carnivore....I am not the wicked wife after all :p but his loving Sow !  This is a delicious and a well balanced diet for us.  Come near...let me whisper this into your ear.... " actually, I can have this whole thing all to myself  if WB doesn't like ...less people more share ...huh !"   trying hard to suppress the selfish thought LOL!  

This is a simple and easy to prepare dish....who can't cook omelette...I am sure everyone can do that. It is such a versatile dish. You can add all your favorite ingredients into the beaten eggs and tada...a wonderful and flavorful omelette for your brunch, light lunch or dinner.  For me , since I have so much of fresh mushrooms in the fridge ( they can't keep well for long ) I make omelette out of them and they are simply delicious.  Great dish to have when you are pressed for you have to watch those recorded movies and dramas from Astro  LOL!  Lazy Elin will think of something simple and doesn't takes up time when she is hooked on dramas and her movies :)   Mushroom and shrimps omelette is the solution...rather than eating out most time.   I used the basic seasoning ingredients...chilli flakes ( extras from Domino's -waste not ) cajun and Maggi seasoning sauce ( the one that looks like soy sauce ) and season the shrimps for 10 minutes and that is enough to make the omelette taste good.   I learned from Sonia that if you want the shrimp meat to be firmer and have a light springy texture, first season them with baking powder and true enough , the shrimps have a light springy and firm texture.  Thank you Sonia for the tips. 

first saute the fresh shiitake with garlic and olive oil...
the extra chilli flakes is for seasoning the shrimps

season the shrimps with cajun powder, chilli flakes
and a tsp of Maggi seasoning sauce for ten minutes

add the seasoned shrimps to the sauted mushroom 
and cook till the shrimps are almost cooked...drain off
the liquid from the pan...pour in the beaten egg ( 2 nos ) 
and the chopped italian parsley onto the mushroom and
shrimps , add another tsp of olive oil onto the pan
after the bottom side has set and a brown, flip over and cook the 
other side for another  2 minutes and the omelette is ready
for serving...mmmmm smell good....

love the crispy edges of the omelette

you can  garnish with more italian parsley 
and if you are hot stuff , you can shake more
chilli flakes on the omelette for extra hot but
Wild Boar ate them with his favorite sauce
Tabasco !!!   the chilli flakes not hot enough for him !!
Really hot stuff.....

Have a great day !

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  1. Yea, me too. I love fresh mushrooms so much. :)
    This is yummy, will try to cook mushroom in this way too.

  2. Oh my goodness! What a combination of ingredients! I never thought about putting shrimps inside an omelette. I LOVE it!

  3. This omelette looks really delicious! But Domino's chili flakes? ;)

  4. Gorgeous omelette! I would have never thought of putting shiitake. Thanks for the excellent idea!

  5. Oh, i would like to enjoy this omelette with a bowl of porrdige, yummy. By the way, you have Flavours food magazine since when? I feel their recent issues not that interesting if compare to last time..

  6. Sedap ni, Babe (literally! LOL)

    I always buy those reduced $ shrooms from Tesco, very "dai" leh.
    and they still keep for a more than a week in my fridge.

  7. We love fresh mushrooms too. Always have sine in the fridge. Can use them in so many kinds of bake and dishes. Your omelette looks delicious.

  8. Wow, this looks amazing, Elin! I'd love this for any meal of the day!

  9. wah, your omelette is packed with fillings!!i see also ' lau hau sui'!

  10. I would use buttons or abalone mushroom - not a fan of shitake.


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