Monday, December 19, 2011

Spicy Garlicky And Minty Tofu - Night Market Snack

Wow...this is an awesome snack that I would love to tuck in while watching movies or dramas at home.  This is something that I dont mind having everyday :)  I was first introduced to this night market snack by Piggy Jo .    "Mom you must try this.... "  and she brought me to this particular stall at the night market that sells  ' taiwanese snacks '  they have fried fresh mushrooms, fried sweet potatoes chips, fried fresh enoki and many veggies ( can't recall what they have :p) but the most delicious ones are fried enoki  and special taiwanese tofu  Deep fried the tofu , enoki or sweet potato and mixes with fresh chopped garlic, mint leaves , cayenne powder and chilli flakes and salt...gosh, the best finger food ever ! Watching them do it live was how I managed to steal  replicate the recipe  LOL!  Of course, I could not make the special tofu but the taste is more or less the same as the one sold at the stall :p   I told her, let me replicate this for you and I was succeeded ! Well almost 90 % * oink oink and the day before yesterday, I cooked this again for the craving was strong and drooling can be bad at times !  Homecooked ones are much healthier where the oil is concerned :)  Do try this out if you are a fan of tofu, garlic and mint !  

I used the ready bought  'deep fried five spice flavored tofu  ' from Tesco , cut them into cubes like those from the night market, coat with crispy flour ( from Yummy, Ipoh Garden South ) or corn flour if you do not have crispy flour and deep fried them in hot oil.  Place the fried tofu cubes on kitchen paper and drained off the excess oil before mixing with the chilli flakes, salt and chopped garlic. Coat the mint leaves with the crispy flour and deep fried them for a few seconds. Mix the fried tofu and mint leaves together with the chilli flakes, salt, cayenne powder and lots of fresh chopped garlic. Easy does it...right ?  If you want it more spicy , add more chilli flakes :)

I first replicate this snacks in 2008 

Click here for the recipe
I replaced curry powder with cayenne powder and
this time it tasted better and more like those
sold at night market :p

*             *            *


  1. i never come across this..but it's been a while too that i havent been to the pasar malam. you sounded them real good..also first time hearing about the deep fried mint leaves, crunchy?

  2. Lena...yes the mint is crunchy and this is one darn good snack from the pasar malam :)

  3. Oh man, that looks like a REALLY delicious snack :) I don't think I've had anything like that...not really a tofu-friendly country, Cayman. Worth giving a go at home, I think!

  4. I want some tofu now..haven't had them for ages. Love the idea of coating them with crispy flour for the frying.

  5. I love tofu and this minty tofu sounds delicious! Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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