Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bento Banter - Bento # 5

I like my lunch meal served in bento boxes .  Interesting and food served in bento helps to control food intake in large portion * I know Claire will surely ROFL at this statement * She used to laugh at me when I ordered big portion of food to the table :p  I am a big eater and still is or better phrase it this way " I have good appetite " ahem..this sounds better LOL!  So eating meals from bentos will be good for me.  Food served in small portion looks more appetizing actually  :) Food looks more dainty and delicious and  a good way to control my gluttonous eating habit  * wink  .  I am a fan of Japanese food and what a good excuse to prepare Japanese meal  to take to office ! 

The last trip to KL, I bought a few packets of Japanese Hokkai Yamato ( a combination of dried seaweed, sesame seed and dried salmon bits with some seasoning ) I sprinkled them onto the japanese rice and shaped them into Onigiri - japanese rice balls...making the rice balls flavorful and tasty !.  I served the Onigiri with Pan fried teriyaki Salmon Fillet with crispy ginger shreds , made some Tamagoyaki ( Japanese egg roll ) and seaweed salad.  This meal looks like it involved a lot of work but I tell you...NOPE , not really. The salad can be made ahead and while waiting for the japanese short grain rice to be cooked, I got down to make the tamagoyaki. If you know how to make them , you can accomplish them in just 15 mins or less :p  Love the whole combination and this is healthy meal for me :)

love this combination - onigiri, tamagoyaki, seaweed salad
and pan fried teriyaki salmon fillet with crispy ginger shreds

making these is fun...wrap them in cling wrap
and shaped them into any shapes you want while
they are still warm.....

this may not be perfect yet but it will be after a few
practices :)

japanese seaweed salad  with soy sauce.
red wine vinegar, sesame oil, ginger juice ,sugar and sesame seed

A delicious Japanese bento meal

Have a nice day !

*           *          *


  1. Lovely bento. But I kinda geli see the 2nd pic. The shredded Ginger on top of the fillet reminds me of a certain creature that am scared of

  2. Kathy...hahaha you read too many scientific novels :) the ginger so crispy and taste so good with the teriyaki sauce :)

  3. Very nicely done especially the fish, Elin. Great to have another bento fan!

  4. madam, i hope when you have really good appetite, you dont end up bringing 2 bento boxes to office next time and finish them all! LOL! making that egg roll sounds easy for you!

  5. Yummy! Love that rice dish and the seaweed salad looks great too.

  6. Looks great! I keep telling myself I'm gonna try the bento thing but it looks like so much work! I'm lazy.

    You can make mine for me though, if you want ;)


  7. That looks delicious, Elin! I can have a lunch like that everyday. I really like that teriyaki salmon with ginger shreds. It looks very tasty and appetizing.

  8. Blackswan...yea I am much into bento now :)

    Lena...hahaha wait, when I go lunch with you then you will know how good my appetite is :)

    Angie...:) I like that seaweed salad too and that lovely pan fried fish :)

    YummyChunklet...thanks :)

    Claire...yea salmon prepared this way is nice too :)

    Biren...:) me too ! I can have this everyday :))

  9. That's a great way to control food intake. I'm a big eater too :P

  10. Pass me that salmon, quick! Yum! I love bentos (don't ask me why). Each time I get into a Japanese restaurant and try order something different, I almost always end up with another bento. Probably the variety of it ....

  11. Ann...give me a five then :)

    Ping....I guess it is the small and dainty food in the bento that makes it appealing :)

  12. Elin, I admire your bentos. Very attractive and inviting. I am a big fan of Japanese food too:D

  13. Veronica...thanks;) next time we meet up at Japanese restaurant then since we share the same passion for
    Japanese cuisine;))


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