Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Away From Home - A Jolly Good One !

This year we had to celebrate Christmas away from home and we picked Piggy Jo's place to meet up and her place is 30 km away from the Mid Valley.  Jo met us in MidValley on the eve and we had a wonderful bonding time shopping in Robinson , The Gardens.  I picked up some plates going off for 70%  to showcase my food :p  70% off  was a great deal and knowing this Elin, well , she just have to pick a few pieces to add to her collections !  :)  We had our Christmas eve lunch at Aunty Nat Restaurant - a nyonya restaurant. I will post that on my next post 

Today's post is how we spent our Christmas away from home...and looking through all the photos , I realized that I do miss my Piggies very much and even if it means I have to travel all the way to just spend some hours with them , I am contented and happy just the same.  They can't come back, we go to them LOL!   We had our Christmas eve dinner at Kajang country club aka mewah club to the locals. The name of the restaurant at the club is 21st Century Restaurant .  Situated at the hill top , the hidden gems of Selangor,  the night scene was magnificent....looking down , we could sight the twin towers from where we stood...lighted up so magnificient....awwww that was a heavenly sight to behold.   I am sure Kajang readers will agree with me :) it was magical !   " Thank you Piggy Jo for arranging this beautiful place for us to have our Christmas Dinner and Wild Boar and myself had a wonderful Christmas and I am sure Piggy Josh would want to bring Elaine to this place LOL! "  

This picture was taken after a heavy downpour or we could have had our  dinner outdoor instead of inside the restaurant.  I would love to come here again the next time I come to visit Jo :)

The food at the restaurant was good, we invited Joanna's buddy , Kristy, to have dinner with us. She is from Shanghai and an international student at the University where Jo is doing her PhD .  We had so much fun together and the food was great not to mention ,  the night would not be complete without dessert at Secret you see how these youngster can really eat ...after a hugh portion of food served at the country club, they each had a slice of cake...Wild Boar and myself shared a Banana  Split :)  When one is in the company of gluttons one just have to follow suit :p

Josh, Joanna and Kristy.....
see how delighted they were with their dessert
and the best thing is I managed to make
 them posed for me before they can partake the cake LOL!

Red Wine Grilled Lamb for Piggy  Joanna

Combo Platter - Steak + Chicken
for Wild Boar and Piggy Josh 

Red Wine Chicken for Elin

Grilled Lamb + Tiger Prawns for Kristy

Octopus Salad - Japanese preparation....yummy

The rest of the photos below are just a peek into how we spend our christmas exchanging gifts at the smart hotel where Wild Boar and Piggy Josh put up for the night . I bunked with Piggy Jo...haha girlie night together....spent yakking and yakking till early morning.....

Kristy, Joanna and Joshua

I forced them to pose this for me...muahaha...

and I was in for this one.....ready two three...

Josh was engrossed with his Christmas gift from the sister.....haha
yea...who wouldn't.... Chris Botti autographed CD
at his lastest concert here at KLCC early December. 
Jo went for his concert and got the man to autographed for her brother......
Chris Botti is Piggy Josh favorite

We had a wonderful time together and we are looking
forward to more happy ones in 2012

Thank you to Wild Boar,  my Piggies , all my readers and friends for your
continuous support through out these 3 years of my blogging. Without your
love and support, I may not be able to continue to improve skill
in my cooking and baking !

HAPPY 2012  
 MAY  2012 



  1. Nothing like spending Christmas with the ones one loves... Hmmm...if you had gone a week earlier, we could have got together in KL.

    Happy New Year in advance - what's cooking for your New Year's Eve dinner?

  2. wow... so nice exchanging presents and all.. thinking back, my kids and i didnt exchange pressies.. we just ate and bought the stuff we need and like.. hahaha.... i guess we did not make it a habit to exchange pressies all these while... must start doing that.. hahaha...

  3. Thank goodness they're just a train ride away, eh? Gives you an excuse to come down here to shop some more! :D So glad the whole family can be together for the season. Here's wishing you a Yummy New Year!

  4. Ah, those were good times indeed ! Something for the memory bank :)

  5. Arthur....Happy New Year to you and family too :) Since Jo has decided to do her PhD everything has changed. Our time together have to depend on her research so we go to her rather than have her travel back just for one ,two days. Chinese New Year will be in KL again. I will be there for a week to keep her company. Wild Boar will go back on his own first after the 2nd day of CNY to keep his dogs company :p and I will stay back and bunk with Jo. So no cooking for the CNY this year. We will eat out for once. Time for me to chill out with the family instead of slogging in the kitchen :))) Do drop by Ipoh with Mandy when your Melissa is back in Sungai Petani and you are visitng her. Will take you out for makan. We can meet up then :)

    Claire...well...this has been the tradition of the family :) you better do that so that you can have greater fun :)

    Ping...yea lucky for me :) yea it was fun meeting up and having so much fun together. Thanks , same to you too. Have a blessed new year to you and loved ones :)

    Joanna....hahaha I love the night scene and I want to go must take me during the CNY !!!!

  6. Ehy Elin, how I wish that I was the Kristy in htere. HAHAHA.....
    I bet you had a great time and not forgetting to wish you a very Happy New Year.

  7. Kristy...hahaha that is the younger Kristy :p Same to you dear...Happy New Year and Happy baking 2012 !

  8. It sounds like you had a great holiday with everyone. It's always great to be re-connected with the ones who are far away, isn't it?
    Happy New Year!

  9. Glad you had a wonderful Christmas with your family. Wishing you and happy and blessed 2012 and looking forward to more yummy posting here. How come to travel all the way to Kajang for dinner. You know my school is just down the hill and my brother house is at Bukit Mewah. As you drive up the hill and just before reaching the clubhouse there are some big houses on the right. His house is the second one. Is Jo studying around there?

  10. Cher....yea I had a wonderful time with the kids :) Happy New year to you too :)

    Gertrude...Happy New Year to you too :) haha, Kajang clubhouse is the only alternative to have a decent meal for Christmas. Jo is staying in the small town Semenyih. Her University is there . Semenyih to Kajang is just half hour drive. Yea , we were admiring the houses know the clubhouse has got the best view of the kl city at night :) haha didnt know you studied in Kajang :) When are you moving to SF? Let me know once you have settled in SF. I need to send the silicone muffins tray to you. Will keep in touch :) Have a happy hols.

  11. Everything looked delicious. Happy new year!

  12. Yummychunklet....Happy New Year to you too ! :) Have a happy hols too :)

  13. Lovely blog post Elin!
    So glad you enjoyed your Christmas - all the more fun to enjoy food without having to sweat over it first!
    Wishing you a fantastic 2012 full of happy times, fabulous food and good health! Xxx

    (Oh and by the way, I have taught Minh how to give "Flying kisses" and Mwha's!!!)

  14. wonderful....then you must ask him to send me flying kisses often ya :) Happy 2012 to you , hubby and Minh ...a year full of happiness and good health !


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