Friday, December 16, 2011

Potato Chip Tortilla - French Fridays With Dorie

This a fast , fun , and funny version of the traditional Basque tortilla made with cubes potatoes. Dorie explained in her book that the French would call this clin d'oeil , a wink , at the original ,and they'd surprised not only at the potato chips that stand in for the usual sautèed spuds, but at the creator , Jean-Franςois Piège , formerly  the chef of  Les Ambassadeurs, the Michelin starred restaurant in Le Crillon. One thing good about Dorie, she will play around the recipe and give us her best version of this french recipe. I love reading her short write out on this recipe.  It is indeed fast to prepare, fun making them and funny because not a soul had any  inkling that what they were savoring had been a  snack food of a type they 'd never eat ! She is so funny :)  I made this for my breakfast bento this morning and Dorie suggested it can be served as a hors d’doeuvre for dinner parties.  It can be made ahead and served at room temperature.  Love it !  You can serve this for your coming Christmas party and I am sure you will have your guests and family members licking their fingers for more ! 

The potato chips I bought for this savory french tortilla is the hot and spicy ones...perfect for this potato tortilla. Dorie is a genius and this is a winner alright ! I can never have enough of can imagine how flavorful it is with the scallions, italian parsley and garlic in it and a shake of cayenne and pepper for extra flavor.  D.E.L.I.C.O.U.S !  I served it with a salad....a great morning breakfast in a bento !  I am sure Wild Boar will request for more :)

this is the chips I bought for making this tortilla
Hot 'n' Spicy

place the chips in a mixing bowl and crush it - noisy,greasy job
that leave you with potato- chip  fingers that you'd want to lick :)
as described by Dorie

chop some scallions ( white parts only ) some italian parsley
and garlic. Mix the beaten eggs with a dash of cayenne , 
pepper and a pinch of salt

mix the ingredients together and pour
in the egg mixture and stir to blend well

add a tsp of olive oil to grease the non -stick skillet, heat the skillet
and pour the chips and egg mixture and use a fork to push the
mixture to the edges of the pan and cooked under medium heat. 
I used a non stick crepe pan for this and cooked under medium heat
on the stove  :)

cook the tortilla for 2-3 minutes until it set around the edges
and the top is almost done, run a spatula around the edges
and under the tortilla in case it has stuck to the pan. And cook
another few minutes until the top has set and cooked. Remove 
from pan and served at room temperature

this is so flavorful and addictive ....finger licking good :)

I made a salad to go with it.....
ingredients for salad are....cauliflower, carrot, 
USA red apple and some chopped italian parsley
dressing wine vinegar, 
french mustard and olive oil...tada a delicious salad

this is my breakfast bento #6  

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  1. Elin - it sounds like you really had a lot of fun with this one.
    How cute in the bento box :-)

  2. Bento again...wah... with the chips sure will be reaaal good

  3. Wah Elin your killing me with this recipe! sigh...must make.

  4. Interesting. I was actually wondering how flavored chips would do in this recipe, sounds like they work wonderfully. Your bento box looks delicious!

  5. Elin, I smiled when I saw that we both used Cottage Fries brand potato chips, except that mine was the Sweet Thai Chilli flavor :). The chips worked so well in this tortilla, didn't it? It certainly added a bit more pizzaz to your beautiful bento!

  6. Love reading all the different flavours used! I never even thought of straying from plain chips!
    Your bento box looks great!

  7. Looks like your tortilla ended up with a nice crispy crust!

  8. I love your bento breakfast! I also used spicy chips and they gave this so much flavor. Glad you also enjoyed this one.

  9. i find this really creative putting potato chips in here, this tortilla must be so crispy and tasty!!

  10. Nice touch, using the spicy potato chips. :)

  11. I love the thought of using spicy chips with this. Sounds like it would work beautifully with the eggs.

  12. Love the breakfast bento box! You make this sound so delicious and fun. Will have to try this one again with your spicy chips!

  13. Yours looks amazing! I wish I'd gone for flavored potato chips - the plain just didn't add much to the tortilla.

  14. Looks like a hearty breakfast bento! Coincidentally, when we made the basque tortilla back in Feb, I incorporated in into a bento too. Great minds think alike. ;)

  15. I wondered if flavored chips would give this tortilla more zip!

  16. What a great idea to use flavored chips!!! Your bento looks terrific.

  17. This is so flavorful. Can I call it the WESTERN STYLE of " Foo Yung Dan " ?? :P

  18. I don't like to eat flavored chips, you're making me realize how they would be delcious in the tortilla. The bento box is very cool too.

  19. Mmm! Nice choice for the chips! Give your tortilla a little zest :)


  20. It never even crossed my mind to try flavored chips! I'm so lacking in creativity!

  21. I'm so glad this one worked so well for you. Using spicy chips just might be the answer. Love the bento boxes!!

  22. Sounds great with a salad.looks great in a bento box. Great idea.

  23. This looks so the spicy chips that you used. Perfect for a bento too!

  24. Love the look of your tortilla, makes me want to make another one for dinner tonight!

  25. Kathy...:) you must try this flavorful tortilla. I am sure little Joshua will love it too ! Merry Xmas to you and family :)

    Zurin...LOL! I think I manage to instigate you to make it for the family :)

    Lena...yea, the texture is wonderful and the flavored chips is the perfect ingredients for this potato tortilla :)

    To all my Dorista friends, thank you for leaving me your sweet and kind comments. Cooking along with all of you and comparing notes is the best thing I have done this year :) BEsides making friends with Doristas from all corners of the world , I learned to better my cooking skill from all of you :) Wishing all of you happy holidays and have a swell Christmas !

    Piggy Joanna...glad you were back home last weekend to enjoy this flavorful potato tortilla and I look forward to be with you and Josh this coming Christmas. See ya there ! :) hugs and muax !

  26. This looks good. The crepe is easy to follow, may try.

  27. Cheah...this is nice especially this is easy to whip up :)


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