Friday, June 24, 2011

Savory Fish Paste And Mince Meat Patties

I wish I have someone to do the menu planning for me and I just do the cooking :p  The data upstairs got muddled up and I ended up cooking something I thought would be a disaster but surprisingly it turned out delicious - some fish paste , prawn paste and some mince meat combine together and stir them vigorously  into a sticky paste , add in some hot chillies ,lots of garlic and white pepper for flavor and some corn flour for crispness. I can be like a zombie after a hard day at work and I can be blur as to what or how much ingredients I have I have to add it to the meat mixture...darn stressful when you are one of the few working ones and the rest are just taking their pay and not much output from them. " hey ! you will be fired if you are in the private sector " please excuse this outburst :p  I have been feeling the work pressure lately.....I want to retire and enjoy life before I expire !  God when will it be ???

Back to the topic, this meat patties are delicious...I used grapeseed oil for frying these patties ... cholesterol free and good for the body.  Grapeseed oil is good for deep frying by the way  :)

Looking into the fridge...and  having  ' brain freeze ' for a minute , and data truncated  ! I could just stared blankly at all the stuff in the overcrowded fridge..full of halves of these and halves of that... this happens very often with me and when reality set in that WB will be waiting for his food I will  halve of this and halve of that and get a whole of this and that...hahaha  Got it?  Haha, I took halve of  the fish paste and halve of the mince meat ( pork ) and mold together into patties....flavorful one for that matter.  Never knew that they will turn out nice....savory with the pungent hot chillies and chopped don't need any dips for these patties.  ' ' Brain freeze ' can work wonders at times like this !

Savory Fish Paste & Mince Meat Patties

Ingredients A:-

1/2 cup fish paste
1/2 cup prawn paste
1/2 cup mince meat ( chicken  or pork )
chopped red chillies - to taste
chopped garlic - to taste
a dash of white pepper powder
2 tbsp of corn flour

1/4 cup grapeseed oil for frying


Mix all the ingredients A together and stirred them vigorously until they become sticky .  Heat grapeseed oil in a deep non stick pan , when oil is hot , lower the fire to medium low, drop into the oil a tablespoon of the mixture and lightly  flatten it  so that it cook faster . Turn it over after 1-2 mins on each side till it is cooked and golden brown. Crisp on the outside and moist on the inside.  Dish up and place them on paper towel to absorb the excess oil .

*           *           *


  1. have to puasa from cili at the momemnt :P

  2. Kathy...thanks for the 'chang' they are delicious and the chili padi are great. TQ . Take care and drink more cooling tea for your sore throat :)

  3. wow they look tempting!!!i'm loving the delicious flavors in it!!!

  4. Yum...cucur!!! I like! My daughter likes too!

  5. i'm also like you, leftover bit of this and that in my fridge and just make fried rice or porridge with those! these patties make great filling for yong tau foo too!

  6. Looks good to me! Hope you have time for yourself to unwind this weekend and relax!


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