Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sarawak Laksa

First, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all the Daddies out there a Happy Father's Day...especially to my WB and my friend Arthur from Sarawak :)

Sarawak Laksa...mmmmm just the thought of it makes me salivate again. Arthur of  Still Crazy After All These Years  gifted me a packet of sambal laksa from Sarawak when he came to Penang to meet up his blogger friends last December. He is such a great person...knowing I love to cook, he flew over bringing this packet of sambal all the way from Sibu , Sarawak.  How thoughtful of him :) Thanks Arthur for this delicious sambal paste.  I have been wanting to cook this but due to so many church activities and hectic weekends, I was not able to cook this Sarawak Laksa till yesterday morning :)

I asked him how to prepare this laksa and he told me to follow as he had posted one on his blog and he told me that if I have dried shrimps sambal, add some to the bowl of sarawak laksa.  This laksa tasted different from those we have in Penang. This is more like curry in taste. I added some basil leaves for extra flavor and a squeeze of calamansi makes it delicious.


this is the sambal paste...
that Arthur gave me :)

filter the soup before adding the coconut milk

I cooked rice vermicelli to go with the sarawak laksa
and garnishes it with chicken meat, shrimps,
hard boiled egg , basil leaves and dried shrimps
sambal and calamansi juice

this is the homemade dried shrimps sambal
that I made for Wild Boar...he loves the sambal
in his bowl of Sarawak laksa :)

Thanks Arthur for this Sambal Paste
without it I will not have the chance
to taste this sarawak laksa....

To all Daddies out there...
Have a wonderful and blessed Father's Day with your family !!

*           *          *


  1. Thanks, Elin, for the Father's Day greeting and the same too to your WB.

    Aiyor....your laksa looks absolutely stunning. In the hands of an expert, it certainly looks exceptionally exquisite. Yes, when we eat, we usually add the pounded sambal belacan and squeeze calamansi lime too - these are given as a dip so up to the individual whether to dip or pour everything in.

    You must come to Sibu soon - so much food here for you to explore. Come, drag WB along. After all, only the two of you stuck in Ipoh - the empty nest to fly wherever and whenever you want. Checkout Firefly- 1 sen air fare KLIA-Sibu (starting July). They use Boeing to fly here - not the small planes as in the West Malaysian routes via Subang.

    P.S. Claire tak nak kalah...posted on Sibu noodles. LOL!!!

  2. This looks so good...!! I am totally drooling! I love Asian noodle soups a lot, thanks for sharing :)!

  3. OH WOW! So exotic and such wonderful flavors. Well looks delicious!

  4. I ate this once when I visited Kuching. Yeah, it's more curry like and some of my SRwkian friends told me, to make the soup really nice, add some crabs in.

  5. wow... I will post mine tomorrow..or tonight..i just downloaded them to my pc... yes,i dont want to kalah, so i posted up the sibu/kuching noodles but dry and plain la of course! No need garnishing cos the noodles are good enough to be Nyek Nyek..
    so... since stp issued invitation already, what say you? shall we start to check our tickets to Sibu??

  6. Elin, you make me drool. Been wanted to cook this, but very hard to find the laksa paste here.

  7. besides this sarawak laksa, can i also have some died shrimps sambal for my rice pls??! haha!

  8. are welcome:) hope you had a wonderful Father's Day with the wife and Melissa must have wished you a great Father's Day greeting that melted your heart * I can see you grinning from ear to ear *

    Thanks, the laksa was nice when added those ingredients and the magic is of course the sambal belacan shrimps :p It added oomph to the whole thing :)

    I will try to come over when my younger one finish his education . You know government servants are poor unless you hold a powerful role in the department :p Now every sens have to channel to the son's education and Jo is still studying so can't help much LOL!

    Claire memang tak nak kalah to an old lady ma....hahaha

  9. Cooking are welcome :)

    Kate From Scratch...thanks for dropping by. I love your blog ! Thumbs up.

    Wendy...thanks for the idea..will try that when I get hold of another packet :p soon as the boy is out of college and get his degree we shall book the tickets then :)))

    Little Inbox...hahaha yea...can't find them here so you better hint hint to Arthur. He goes to Penang very often :)

    Lena....of course..the next time I make it , I shall give you a bottle - small bottle la :p to whet your appetite :p

  10. kaliu kaliu oh.. nice laksa. anything spicy, come to my office. lol.

  11. Yum!! I would like to join this sweatilicious affair. Hot!


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