Thursday, June 30, 2011

Birthday Celebration @ Delicious , Mid Valley Mall,KL

' Delicious'  has been around for some time now but this is my first time there. We celebrated Jo's birthday there. She chose this place because she loves their desserts and their western food are quite delicious  ( it is not called Delicious for nothing )  I would have love to try out all their desserts - quite a wide range of cakes but have to control my sugar intake. I am not a diabetic but have to be careful at my age...hehehe ooops I forgot I am only ' 25'  ;p  Quite a good place for western food and they have some local food there too like coconut milk rice . Delicious is located in Mid Valley Mall - a place where it is easy for all of us to meet up.  All in one - hotel, shopping and delicious food can be found here :)  

Below are the food we ordered for the birthday lunch. Love the company and love the food there.  We had a wonderful and awesome time together.  Jo brought her friend, Kristy and Josh brought his friend to meet up with us.  Wild Boar and myself truly enjoyed ourselves having these young people around . So much fun and I am sure Jo enjoyed herself much with people she is fond of. Good friends and family to celebrate her birthday :)  who wouldn't ? :p

Jo 's choice- angel hair with smoked salmon, caviar and white creamy sauce

Josh and Wild Boar's choice - Grilled chicken with basil pesto

Elaine 's choice- Traditional Spaghetti with meatballs

Momsie Elin's choice - Duck Confit with
 chargrilled wild mushrooms in red wine and roasted potatoes

Kristy's choice- Napolitan Spaghetti

a picture tells a million words-
great gathering with great company
left: Momsie Elin, Joanna,Kristy
right : Joshua and Elaine
photographer : Wild Boar  :p

Thank you Piggy Jo for giving us this opportunity to
meet up and had so much fun on your birthday.........
a great way to celebrate your birthday.....and we are
looking forward to Josh's birthday in November :)

*         *         *


  1. friend recommended me to eat the Duck Confit there. Yet to try

  2. Been to Delicious in KL, nice! that your"daughter-in-law"? Wink! Wink!

  3. Kathy....I understand Duck Confit is their signature dish. Duck Confit is actually a french style of cooking :) Love it !! you must try it when you are there. For ladies , the portion is just right but for the men ,it won't be satisfying as the portion is small :)

    Arthur....hahaha yet to know...Josh introduced Elaine as his friend :p They are young...give them the space they need so not really looking into their relationship until he tells me he is ready to settle down :))) still a long way and career comes first at his age...I guess * winky

  4. that grilled chicken with pesto looks like somthing that i want to have now!!

  5. All the entree's looked Delicious! =]

  6. Lena...hahaha sorry for making u hungry now :)

    Juju...yea...I am still thinking about them and hungry too :)

  7. I went to Delicious once. Had their marmalade bread pudding and it was very very nice. Which was why I tried to make soemthing similiar when I came back home.
    I tried their duck confit too, but I was just so so about it.

    Hey, I was looking all over for your old black and white school pic. Was my guess correct?

  8. Delicious is one of my favourite places to eat when I'm home in KL. I particulary love the thai-styled steam sea bass yumm!


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