Saturday, January 10, 2009

Savoury Shrimps In Tomato Ketchup

How could one resists shrimps if one loves seafood ? Momsie , for one will find it hard to resist but being one who believes in moderation in everything....this is no problem at all. I cooked and I will eat in moderation. A little gastronomical delight to satisfy cravings :)))

I have about 15 medium sized shrimps left in the freezer and not knowing what to do with them. Keeping them too long in the freezer will not be good so I decided to make a simple dish out of them. Yup, cooked them in tomato ketchup for once would be nice. Simple to cook and savoury in taste. It will whet the appetite definitely and the aroma while cooking is indeed heavenly…garlic being sautéed and the shrimps gives out the salty sea scent while being stir fried in a wok hmmm delicious!

Savoury Shrimps In Tomato Ketchup


15 medium sized shrimps – washed and deveined
(keep shell intact )

4 pips of garlic = chopped
2 tbsp of cooking oil
½ red capsicum – sliced
½ big yellow onions- quartered
2 tomato – quartered
2 sprigs of Italian parsley

¼ cup of thick tomato ketchup
1 tsp of sugar
a pinch of salt
1tbsp of cooking wine

Some people like to have a bit more gravy, but for me , I perfer just to have the shrimps coated with the savoury sauce :) That's why you don't see much gravy on this dish! Simple to cook especially for a full time working momsie like me ^ * Haha, infact I prefer to cook one dish meal for just the two of us when my Piggies are away at college so that I have all the time for my baking (",) Can?



  1. Previously was the prawn curry, now prawns in tomato sauce...hmm hungry liao. I love prawns very very much.

  2. Hi Little Inbox,

    I love seafood too but have to take care of the cholesterol intake :( so I cooked ,the Piggies will eat the whole lot :))


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