Thursday, January 8, 2009

Chinese Arrowroot Chips aka Nga Ku Chips

Lately ,chinese arrowroots aka 'nga ku ' in cantonese are being sold everywhere in the supermart and wet market and you will know that CNY is just around the corner. How could I not buy them and join the womanfolks in making the arrowroot chips for the CNY festive. Daddy famous words “ don't waste time making them , juz buy them ready made! ” . He doesn’t know how fun it is to make them ourselves and the joy when we put that crispy chips into our mouth and hmmmm when we start eating there will be no stopping till we touch the jar bottom..that’s how good and yummilicious it is!!!

This year CNY falls on 26th of January and it is just 2 weeks from now ..time flies , we barely got over the Christmas and New Year feast and now CNY is around the corner! We, the Chinese community in Malaysia celebrates the CNY with lots of fuss. Spring cleaning comes once a year, old things to be thrown away and replaced with new things , gates to be painted with new colors etc etc. Haha..welcoming the chinese new year , year of the Ox , with new things. Some believes that every year they must add new things to the house and if we go deep into this , chinese has lotz of superstition believes and sorry to say, I do not follow them even though I am Chinese :) but when it comes to F O O D , I do follow the traditional chinese new year reunion dishes though :)))))))

For a start, I have started making the arrowroot chips and I am quite happy they turned out nice. I managed to single handed- ly made 2 big jars and 3 smaller jars out of 1 Kg of arrowroots and I have finished eating 2 small jars while watching the idiot box. The natural sweetness from the arrowroot is enough to make you yearn for more . And guess who helped to finish eating it all ! You are rite! 'Daddy ' the guy who told me to just buy them and not waste time making them…

If you want to know how to make them please click here . I did it last year and have posted pics to show you how to make it.

Have fun making them if you have the time,
as for me,
I always make time for FOOD (",)



  1. Have to put in the time peeling and slicing but who could resist the arrowroot chips? I love eating those crunchy nga ku chips with that unique sweet taste too :)

  2. I too love this chips. The last time I ate this was about 5 years ago. I tried making it once its too much work :)

  3. I've just discovered your blog, and I will now count in your army of piggy, I've got lots of work to read all the entries of your blog and use the recipes, what a gorgeous blog: your blog is fun, clear, with brilliant photos, and recipes I want to make, it's almost like a Xmas pressie!!
    Thank you so much for sharing! :)

  4. yeah! one of mum's signature CNY snackS!!! she fries potato as well, and filament sticks. :)

  5. My sister in law made this too, yummy!

  6. @ cklam : It's truly worth all the effort coz every bite is super good :)))

    @ Gert : Haha, eat more when you are back here for CNY ^ *

    @ Christelle: Thanks for your kind words and encouragement. You have a great blog too! :)

    @ J2Kfm : You have a great Momsie. You r also one lucky Piggy ^ * Crab filaments ! I love it too but lotz of work!

    @ Joie de vivre: :) thanks

    @ Little Inbox : You so lucky, Momsie fried fishes and chicken for you, sis-in-law - arrowroot chips...really envy you :))


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