Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Reunion Lunch

I wondered how I could have cooked the reunion lunch dishes single-handedly. Super woman or super momsie whatever , reunion lunch has to be served and was glad that all the dishes turned out yummilicious and the mmmm and the wow….was worth all the hard work and tiredness.
I prepared all the ingredients the nite before and woke up early to cook the first dish - Braised Dried Oysters With Fatt Choy ( dried black sea moss) & Mushrooms. The second dish - Steamed Drunken Prawns , steamed 20 minutes before lunch was served. The third dish - Ju Hu Char ( Fried Shredded Turnips with Dried Cuttlefish) a must for the Hokkien , the amount of work involved in cooking this dish is indescribeable...every ingredients have to be cut into fine strips ( done overnite). The fourth dish - Pan Seared Cod Fish With Garlic and the last dish was - Deep Fried Homemade Egg Tofu - the recipe for making this homemade egg tofu will be posted up in my next post. Dessert was made the nite before - Soybean Milk Jelly

Braised Dried Oysters With Fatt Choy & Mushrooms

Steamed Drunken Prawns

Ju Hu Char - Fried Shredded Turnips With Dried Cuttlefish

Pan Seared Cod Fish With Garlic

Deep Fried Homemade Egg Tofu

Dessert - Soybean Milk Jelly

We had a sumptious and yummilicious reunion lunch and the fellowship with one another over good food was great . We enjoyed not just the food but the fellowship as well. Piggy Gal’s bf came over to join us for our reunion lunch for the 3rd year. Wow…the friendship still strong :)))

I will be put up the recipe for the homemade egg tofu in my next post...stayed tuned!


For the last few days, I have been enjoying myself tremendously,
despite all the cooking and I am chomping down all the new year goodies
.............getting rounder and heavier ^ *

** shhhhh life is all about eating :))))


  1. Wah, you are so "keng". You prepare all these by yourself?

  2. Hi Little Inbox,

    Haha, super momsie ma. Yup, I love cooking and experimenting new dishes :) Keng leh :p


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