Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year's Eve Dinner - Fusion Style

Serving this fusion style dinner to suit my Piggies is one hard task :p . One likes beef, one likes fried wanton with special fillings and one likes prawns…haih so many likes, so this poor Momsie puts everything together on a plate and served them fusion style dinner so that no one needs to complain and everyone laughed when I served them all their favourites on their dinner plate! Save washing up later…:)))))

On the dinner plate, there were Beef Rolls with mango, red capsicum , cucumber and ginger strips , Fried Wanton, Cauliflower with my olive oil dressing and Garlic Prawns and a bowl of white rice and a bowl of old cucumber soup each. Dessert was Coconut Jelly :)) 

I asked Daddy to cook his famous dish Garlic Prawns which was superbly done and have our fingers licked good :p .  Oh.. by the way, the Beef rolls tasted fantastic. I added the mango strips for extra flavor  :)) 

After tucking in those sumptuous stuff, a bowl of old cucumber soup really complement the digestive system .

We had a wonderful dinner …a fusion of east and west ... to suit my Piggies whim. Looking back, we are gluttons in every sense. Haih , I feel so guilty when the poor outside are suffering and we are eating like gluttons !!!


  1. Momsie ar, you really do your best to suit piggies taste buds.

  2. It looks like a wonderful celebration. Happy New Year!

  3. @ NKOTB: Heehee ,have to coz we eat in most of the time.

    @ Little Inbox: I spoil them really..the way to the kids's heart is thru the stomach ma :0 :0

    @Joie de vivre : Hi , thanks for dropping by and welcome to my humble blog :)


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