Friday, October 20, 2023

Yeosin Asian BBQ, Doncaster Westfield, Melbourne

Yesterday my daughter took us to Doncaster Westfield to have lunch at a Korean Restaurant. The restaurant is Yeosin Asian BBQ by Korean Kitchen. The food was good. A fusion of Korean and Japanese dishes. Hubby ordered Wagyu Sukiyaki Donburi with egg but he forgo the egg yolk as it is served raw . Daughter ordered Unagi Grilled Donburi and I ordered Seafood JjamBbong Udon. Me being a seafood fan of course will order anything seafood 🤪 we ordered Gimmari a traditional Korean style Crispy Seaweed Noodle Rolls that comes with kimchi and beansprouts banchan. 

They served Korean bbq but they have lunch menu too. We just had Barbie at home so we skipped their BBQ and have their lunch set instead. The meal was delicious and prices are reasonable too. 

love the ambience...quiet during lunchtime on a weekday

Unagi Grilled Donburi

Seafood JjamBbong Udon

love the broth and all the seafood in that thick seafood umami broth

Wagyu Sukiyaki Donburi...served with a large amount of Wagyu beef

We ordered a side Gimmari that comes with kimchi and beansprouts

Thank you to my FBB for such a wonderful delicious Korean lunch.

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