Friday, October 27, 2023

64th Birthday Celebration

This year I celebrated my 64th birthday with my children in Melbourne. I have not seen them in person since COVID started. We only zoom each other.So this year , time for us to fly over to see them. We are here for 2.5 months and my birthday was celebrated here with them. We had a great time , started in the morning, we all drove to Yarra Valley and had a great time there. Daughter and her hubby gave us a birthday treat at Quarters at Herbert. Food was great. After that we visited Napoleone Cider Orchard Bar and tried out their Apple and Pear cider. Their orchard has Mi apple trees, Pear trees and Pink Lady Apple Trees. All has blooms and some have small apples growing already. Will be ready for harvest in two months time.
Daughter-in-law baked a beautiful and delicious Watermelon Cake for my birthday. It was a surprise birthday cake for me after our dinner celebration at Sichuan House. A very delicious dessert after the delicious Sichuan food at Sichuan House. Thank you to my Kiddos for making my 64th birthday a memorable day.

My daughter -in-law makes the most delicious cake. Well done!

the inside of the cake with a layer of fresh watermelon

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