Friday, October 20, 2023

Carne Asada

We were treated to Carne Asada for dinner. Prepared by our son-in-law. "Carne Asada" means 'grilled beef' in Spanish.  The beef cut has to be marinated in citrusy juice and chopped coriander . Marinated overnight, the flavour infuses deeply into the meat. The beef must never to overcooked. My son in law cooked the beef over the Barbie on his deck. He made a tomato salsa and avocado cream to go with the Carne Asada. He lightly toasted the Tortillas over the Barbie. Dinner was good.  I will try make Carne Asada when I am back in Malaysia. We even had the hot Habanero sauce to go with it. 
the beef chunks were so flavourful 

the tomato salsa was flavourful too
the marinated beef must not be overcooked...this is perfectly grilled beef
I must buy these back when I leave Melbourne 

For recipe you can click link here

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