Thursday, June 30, 2022

Octopus Kimchi Juk / Kimchi Porridge

I have always been a kimchi lover. It has been a decade since I make my own kimchi from home. Now I have perfect it to my taste and some friends say it is better than those they had tried in Korea . Lol of course it makes me happy to hear that, meaning we have the same taste not better than those in Korea. Korea ones are more authentic. Anyway back to today highlight. My daughter and I, we always share recipes. She gave me a link to this Kimchi Porridge and she had tried it and she reviewed that it is indeed tasty. So tempting, I had to try it out being a kimchi lover myself. And after viewing the whole video on the cooking method and the ingredients used. I had all the ingredients, so no problem in trying out. And seriously no regrets, it is so good that I have put it down on my menu list and it will be part of our porridge recipe. So umani with the octopus added to the kimchi porridge. 
I used my Dalsot to cook the kimchi porridge..cook and serve it in it... keeps the porridge warm till the last spoonful.

I used well fermented kimchi and squeeze out the kimchi gravy or it will be too tangy
I used octopus legs and keep the rest for
making octopus side dish
Ingredients for the porridge are kimchi, octopus, cooked short grain rice, garlic, green onions, fish sauce and sesame oil
Cooked short grain rice is used for this porridge

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