Friday, June 10, 2022

Homemade Aussie Beef Burger

I managed to get some Aussie Minced Beef from Jaya Grocer. Decided to make some Beef Patties for the Brioche Burger Buns I made . I used the same seasoning for the skinless sausages I made sometime back. Ingredients for the meat patties are basically spices and dried mixed herbs, an egg and breadcrumbs, a tsp of smoked paprika, a tsp of BBQ seasoning, a tsp of garlic powder, a tbsp of mixed herbs,a tsp of oregano , olive oil and light soy sauce. Just stir with chopstick till beef minced meat are well incorporated with the seasoning ingredients and slightly sticky in texture. 
For 500 gms of minced meat, I managed to get 8 pieces of meat patties. I freezed them before pan frying, reason being they hold their shape well during cooking,  Last 5 minutes , bake them in the oven at @250c to get the edges char red and aromatic, yet moist on the inside. These delectable meat patties are great for making  Brioche Burger Buns. For the bun recipe, click here.
these burgers are great not only as home meaals but for picnics and children parties 

the meat patties are delicious when brush on with some BBQ sauce made up of tomato sauce, sweet Thai chilli sauce , oyster sauce and chopped garlic, after taking out of the oven
last 5 minutes in the oven will give the meat patties edges charred and aromatic yet remaining moist on the inside
for a 500 gm meat, I could get  8 pieces of patties
freezed them up before cooking make them hold their shape well during cooking
Shape them in round balls before pressing them down into flatten discs 
with  thickness of 1/4 inch


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