Sunday, June 19, 2022

Father's Day Sandwich Roll Meal

Wishing Happy Father's Day to all Fathers and Grandfathers across the world today. Have a blessed day with your loved ones. 

I prepared a hearty meal for my hubby . Homemade Sandwich Rolls with homemade Beef Burgers and Caramelised Onions as his Father's Day Lunch. Specially prepared for him. The burgers are flavourful and moist and the caramelized onions are tasty with Whiskey. Caramelised Onions is a must have whenever we have beef burgers. They go well with beef burgers / in sandwiches too. I like to add whiskey to caramelised onions at the final stage of cooking. So good. 

a hearty meal for the hubby 

flavourful  Beef Burgers made ahead and freezed for today's cooking
using a cast iron pan helps seal moisture
from the burgers, keeping the meat moist and flavourful
these sandwich rolls were made yesterday, the best I have made thus far
I learned a new trick, use parchment paper to hold the shape of the sandwich rolls and proof them on a glass ovenware tray . It helps to maintain the shape as it rises.

For the  sandwich rolls
Click here for the recipe

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