Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Pork Trotters Braised In Black Vinegar

Found a packet of frozen Pork Trotters at the base of my chest freezer. Been sitting in the freezer for almost 2 months. Had been wanting to braise the pork trotters with black vinegar but had been procrastinating . So time to cook it the way we like. I did a cheat one and skipped a few steps. Did a fast and simple one. First, saute slices of ginger with sesame oil till fragrant. Add in the blanched trotters and continue to stir fry for a few minutes. Add in 4 cups water and simmer till trotters are soft. Add in 1 cup of black vinegar and continue to simmer under low heat until trotters are tender soft. Add sugar and seasoning and salt to taste. Serve with rice.

Pork Trotters Braised In Black Vinegar.


1/2 of a pork trotter
Ginger slices 
2tbsp sesame oil
1/3 cup Brown sugar 
1/2 cup Black vinegar
4 cups water
Salt to taste

Blanch pork trotters. Drain dry. Leave aside.
Heat up 3 tbsp of sesame oil and saute ginger slices till fragrant. Add in water and blanched trotters. Simmer under low heat till trotters are soft. Add in black vinegar and brown sugar and continue to simmer further. Once the trotters are tender soft, add in salt to taste. Off heat and leave the trotters to further  absorbed in flavours . Serve with piping hot rice.

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