Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Spinach Egg Noodles

The Covid pandemic started in 2020 and since then I have started learning how to make fresh pasta noodles and egg noodles. The starting was more difficult as I do not possess any pasta maker to help roll out the dough into thin and even thickness. Once the fresh noodles making addiction hits me, I decided to get a good pasta maker. Ordered online for a Marcato Pasta Maker and since then , there is no stopping me from making fresh noodles a few times in a month. I have been adventurous trying out new recipes and methods. I have tried making  fresh Spinach Fettuccine but have not tried Spinach Egg Noodles. Yesterday, I made a load of fresh Spinach Noodles using basic egg noodles recipe but added 2 tbsp of spinach juice in the dough making. It turned out great. Springy and has a slight chewy texture. I added the spinach pulps too for a more deep spinach taste. The green colour was not that outstanding but after cooking it has a deeper colour than when it was in raw noodle form. The recipe which I am going to share below will be a keeper for sure.
beautiful natural green colour
from the spinach juice
it is a joy to feel the thin strands of noodles in my hand....
Spinach Egg Noodles

Dough recipe- One full recipe = 4 bundles of 115 gm of noodles each bundle for 1pax. 
1 cup AP flour
1cup High Protein Flour
1tsp salt
2tbsp of blanched spinach juice + pulp

Knead into a dough. First knead the dough will not smooth. But after resting for 30mins, it will have a smoother texture. Leave to rest for 30 mins. Knead again for 7 mins (fold and press method)
Leave to rest for another 30mins. Repeat process for the 3rd time.
Use a pasta maker and roll into sheet from #0 to #7. Dust with potato starch. Crank out noodles using the Tagliolini press.

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