Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Garlic Chilli Condiment

Made a jar of garlic chilli condiment to go with dry tossed noodles and dumplings. It has been a while since I last made this aromatic condiment. Made up of just four ingredients. During this pandemic, most of our daily breakfast , lunch and dinner are homecooked. We stay home most of the time unless to do grocery and very rare occasions have takeout. So this homecooked  garlic chilli dip is one of the best condiment to go with homecooked noodles and dumplings and roast meat. For those of you who wants to try making this delicious garlic chilli dip, I have shared the recipe below so that you can enjoy it too :)

Two important tips to know.

1. Add in garlic and chilli paste to oil and give the ingredients a good mix them together before you start cooking.

2. Cook under very low heat and keep stirring the garlic chilli oil mixture in pot/ wok until oil surfaced. Too high heat will burnt the garlic and the garlic chilli dip will taste bitterish.

Garlic Chilli Dip

35 dried chilli - soaked remove seeds

3 chilli padi for extra heat * optional

2 Big heads of garlic - peeled

1 cup + of cooking oil

1 heaped tsp salt


Blitz chilli and garlic till smooth paste.

Cook paste with 1 cup of oil under low heat till oil surfaced. Keep stirring while cooking so that the chilli paste doesn't get burnt.Add salt last. Off heat and cool down before storing in glass jar. Keep refrigerated.



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