Friday, January 14, 2022

Drunken Chicken In Red Rice Wine

A friend gifted us two bottles of red rice wine which she homemade herself. I have used the red rice wine for noodles soup. For this instant I cooked Drunken Chicken Soup with it for dinner. Added in wood ear fungus. Just this soup dish alone is enough to warrant a second helping of rice. It's important to fry the ginger strips till crispy and aromatic with sesame seed oil. Then add in the chicken meat and continue stir fry till chicken is half cooked. Add in water or chicken broth and the red rice wine together with the wood ear fungus and continue to simmer till the chicken meat are fully cooked. Add in salt to taste last. Off heat and served with rice.


2 chicken legs - cut into 4 portions

Thumb sized ginger - cut into thin strips

1tbsp sesame oil

5 pieces of dried wood ear fungus- soak and wash clean.

1 cup of red yeast glutinous rice wine

3 cups chicken broth or water

Salt to taste.


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