Thursday, February 21, 2019

Gyeran Mari/Korean Egg Roll With Bonito Flakes

Cooking simple and yet delicious, this is it. Gyeran Mari, Korean egg roll which is fun to make and is attractive in outlook which appeals to both adults and children. When I run out of ideas what to cook for dinner, I will look through the recipes in my blog.  I spotted Gyeran Mari and thought it would be great to make this roll since I have some packets of bonito flakes and roasted seaweed after the Korean grill dinner. My food must not only look good to the eye but must taste good too. It is really fun to make this korean egg roll and I believe that practice makes perfect. This is my fourth time making it and I still needs to perfect my skill in making them as I tend to overcook the egg. I added bonito flakes for extra flavour.

you need a rectangle pan for making this korean egg roll

using a silicon spatula makes folding easier

practice makes perfect...

garnishes the top with bonito flakes
gives extra flavour to the egg roll

For the recipe, click  Gyeran Mari

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