Thursday, June 25, 2015

Pickled Pumpkin Slices With Lemon Juice And Dried Sour Plum

When I read this recipe...I was like  " wow,,,this is healthy and I must make this "  Pickle with lemon juice...mind this this perfect for me. So I asked WB to take me to Jusco and I got myself a small chunk of organic pumpkin to make this yummilicious pickle.  And to add flavor to this pickle...added some asam boi and chilli to it.  This is truly addictive....refreshing, crunchy and  slight spicy hot after taste.  A wonderful and healthy pickle that will have you craving for more.  Eating pumpkin raw is my first time.  This is better than the pickle green papaya ...of course,  this is my personal preference :)Try this will agree with me.  The pumpkin should not be over ripe.

mix lemon juice, cut chilli,  chopped assam boi and sugar together
and let the ingredients marry each other :p

a 450 gm chunk of organic pumpkin

peel off skin and use a peeler...peel pumpkin into thin slices

love the color of the sliced pumpkin..
cheerful looking :)

mix together the pumpkin slices and the lemon juice mixture
in a mixing bowl

let it sit for an hour in room temperature

ready to be store in glass jar

can keep for a week or two
I make small batches....finish make again

Pickled Pumpkin Slices With Lemon Juice And Dried Sour Plum


450 gm pumpkin - sliced thinly with peeler
3 assam boi - deseed and chopped into small pieces
3 bird's eyes chilli - sliced
2 lemons - squeeze for juice and sieve away pulps and seeds
3 tbsp of castor sugar

Mix (A)  together and leave aside

Peel off skin and peel pumpkin slices thinly.  Mix together pumpkin slices with (A) in a mixing bowl. Let it rest for an hour.  It is ready to be packed into a glass jar and store in the fridge over night . Pickle is ready to be served as a side dish or snacks.

Enjoy !

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  1. I sure like this pickled pumpkin, very healthy combination with lemon juice. Will try to make some.


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