Sunday, June 21, 2015

Fried Ikan Cincaru With Kuini Sambal

excerpt taken from wikipedia

Kuini or Mangifera odorata is a mango variety that is to be native to tropical Asia, specifically to West Malaysia. The fruit is light orange in colour and juicy sweet when ripe. The tree has a distinct feature, i.e. emits a fragrant resinous smell. The tree flowers throughout the year and the flowers too are strongly scented with its fragrance. The sap on unripe kuini fruits is poisonous. Kuini (Mangifera odorata) commonly found in East Malaysia's Jungle (Borneo) has spherical, almost round shape, dark green and green when ripe. It has strong odour which can be detected from afar.

Photograph by: Thaumaturgist
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0
I forgot to take a picture of the kuini I bought so I took the photograph by Thaumaturgist :)
Kuini are not often found in the market but I was lucky to see them in Jusco supermarket the other day.  I bought some home to make Kuini sambal.  The aroma of the kuini mixed into the sambal makes a wonderful accompaniment for the fried ikan cincaru.  This kuini sambal is really addictive. Love this wonderful sambal ...wish that Kuini can be easily obtained from the supermarket or market, then I can have Kuini sambal everyday :)


Kuini Sambal

fresh chillies-  a handful, cleaned and deseed
a few bird's eye chillies- for extra hot
1 inch toasted belacan ( shrimp paste )
1 Kuini - deseed and chopped coarsely 


Pound chillies in traditional mortar and pestle till pulp..meanwhile toasting the belacan in a wok over low heat..once the belacan is fragrant and well toasted, add to the pounded chillies and continue pounding till well combined. Add chopped kuini to the sambal.  Mixed well and served with fried Cincaru or any fish of your choice.

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