Monday, May 25, 2015

Hot And Sour Pork Trotters In Pressure Cooker

Today's dish is really appetizing - Hot and sour pig's trotters .   After a tiring day, running around in town, I came back tired and not in the mood to cook.  Then Wild Boar reminded me that the parboiled pig's trotters that is cling wrapped in the fridge need cooking. Gosh, I have a kitchen helper don't I ? Yes...I have a helper... okay, I told him I will have dinner served by 6pm.  I dumped all the ingredients needed to cook this dish into the pressure cooker...yes my Philips Pressure Cooker :p  and pressed the beef/mutton button mode and pressure cooked it with Kept Pressure Time 30 mins.  And after I had my bathe...the dish is ready to be served.  This is the best thing that we bought after my retirement ...fully utilised! hahaha...  

This hot and sour pig's trotters really smell amazing...believe me, the flavors is surprisingly intense and the meat tender and juicy.  The trotters tendons were cooked to perfect softness ....gosh I took more than I am allowed...hahahaha I love every mouthful of the flavorful gravy.  Two bowls of rice I ate...hahahaha so satisfying and tiredness vanished and energy replenished !  My Wild Boar happy with meat  and I am happy with the soft tendons of the trotters.  Tomorrow...have to walk two more rounds at the Polo ground....sweat sweat and burn burn the fat :p

I make sure all the required ingredients are mixed well 
together with the parboiled trotters before I pressure cooked it 

this is the result after pressure cooked it for 30 mins
the meat and tendon are tender soft...aroma is sealed in
yummilious !

 Hot And Sour Pork Trotters In  Pressure Cooker


half a pork trotter- cleaned and chopped to bite size pieces ( the butcher will do it for you)

5 dried chillies
3 pieces of dried tamarind  ( assam keping )
4 cloves of garlic - crushed
1 tbsp of thick soy sauce
1 tsp of sea salt
water just enough to cover the trotters


Parboiled the pork trotters pieces in hot boiling water.  Drain off water and keep aside.
Add the parboiled trotters and the rest of the ingredients into the pressure cooker and pressure cooked it for 30 mins.

NOTE:  If you are not using a pressure cooker....put all the ingredients into a heavy stainless steel pot and cook under low heat until the trotters are will take about an hour and half for the trotters to be tender soft.


  1. Oh.oh.oh. drooling just looking at this! I am so trying this out.

    1. Stacy.....thanks for dropping by :) It is really good

  2. I love pig trotters. I make the same, only I use vinegar instead of tamarind. Delicious:)

    1. Joy...thanks for reminding me...the next time I will use vinegar too :)


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