Monday, May 11, 2015

Braised Chicken In Philips Pressure Cooker

Seriously, after having bought this electric pressure cooker, my retired life is made easier :)  Seriously tastier food in a short time !  People say pressure cooked food is take the joy of cooking.  But let me tell you that it is not the case.  This cooker can do everything and it is not just a dump everything in and cook thing.  We still have to marinade the meat or saute the veggie first before putting into the cooker.  The benefits are we don't have to watch over the stove fire and less cooking taste better because the aroma is deeply infused into the meat....and lastly the meat remains juicy and tender.  I marinated one half chicken breast with a wing still attached with my own special sauce..ahem....actually I took whatever sauces and dry herbs  available in the fridge and mix them together and marinate the chicken meat.....and of course chinese cooking wine.

this how the marinated chicken looks like after a few hours

lay a piece of parchment paper on the base
for easy cleaning and at the same time act as 
collector of drippings from the chicken as it is cooking
away in the pressure pot 

place the marinated chicken on the base,
set the pressure cooker to bake mode for chicken.
It took just 18 minutes for a braise and you can extend
the baking time if you want a more burnt look but I wanted
a braised chicken with a bit of gravy from the marinade sauce

this is how the braised chicken looks like
after the bake process in a pressure cooker

the meat is tender and juicy and not to forget to 
mention it is finger licking good...aromatic too

Braised Chicken In Philips Pressure Cooker - From WB's Kitchen

half a chicken  - clean and with skin on


1 tbsp of oyster sauce
1/2 tbsp of chinese cooking wine
a pinch of ground black pepper
a drop of thick soy sauce
1 tbsp of dried oregano herb

Marinate the chicken with the marinade for an hour.
Lay the pressure cooker base with parchment paper with 1 " up the side .
Place marinated chicken on the paper.
Close the lid of pressure cooker and set mode to bake for chicken.
It takes 18 mins for the whole process.
If you want the chicken to be more brown and have a burnt can extend the baking time.
As soon as the mode has changed to keep warm.  Off the electricity and take out the chicken .  Once the chicken has cooled down.  Cut into bite sizes and pour the gravy from the drippings over the chicken and serve hot.

Enjoy !


  1. I am sure this chicken was moist and delicious.

    1. Catherine...yes it is tasty and use less time to tenderise meat :)

  2. wah you made me sum yuk yuk wanna get PPC jor

    1. Kathy, worth buying. Coz can do a lot with the PPC. Go join the Cooking With Philips Pressure Cooker fb group. I was inspired by their cooking and seeng what could be done with it , I quickly grab one myself. I bought expensive rm475 . They bought from sen heng online 309 for the same one like mine. Save time and taste good.

  3. Hi, can you share what model is your PPC?

    1. Hi Ping, it is Philips HD2139 price bought at Jusco was RM475 but now it seems in Sen Heng selling RM369


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