Friday, January 27, 2012

Broth-Braised Potatoes - French Fridays With Dorie

When I first saw this recipe - Broth-Braised Potatoes  in Dorie's book, Around My French Table,  I knew it would taste good. And I was happy that the recipe was scheduled for this Friday's FFWD ! I will not miss it for sure. This dish can be eaten alone or as a side for roast or pan-seared meat.   The potatoes are cooked in chicken broth infused with garlic, herbs, lemon zest and olive oil.  The broth et al bring up the sweetness of the potatoes and add a touch of intrigue to a dependable dish.  I used pink skin potatoes and it turned out lovely.  

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Crustless Spinach Salmon Quiche

Since recovering from the bad flu , my appetite is getting better and now I want to eat everything.... I have a sudden craving for quiche . I have to thank my lucky star , I found two pieces of salmon fillets in the freezer . and without waiting for it to thaw properly, I baked this deliciousness for dinner.  Added in spinach for some iron and this quiche was truly yummy ! Crustless....less work and healthier too !

This is rich food but who first and think later how to burn up the calories amassed from the cheese ,eggs and milk.  Eat in that is how I always console myself.  Food is to be enjoyed wholeheartedly :)  Anyway this is healthy food for growing kids but for adults, eat in moderation :)  This is so yummy that I can have one whole 6" diameter quiche all to myself  at one sitting :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Plum, Avocado Salad With Balsamic Vinaigrette

Thank you for all your get-well wishes and now I have fully recovered from a bad flu and now can be seen enjoying a good meal :)  After having eaten a scrumptious french style chicken meal ( M.Jacques Armagnac Chicken ) , salad of this kind makes me happy and guilt free for a second. Avocado is in season and this is the best time to add them to your salad.  Yea, salad makes me healthy and happy :)

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Friday, January 13, 2012

M.Jacques Armagnac Chicken -French Fridays With Dorie

I am very excited each time I have to try out a new dish from AMFT  :)  This week French Friday's recipe is M.Jacques Armagnac Chicken....and gosh it was GOOD !!!  I thought it was just like other normal stew dish but I was wrong.  It was so TASTY that I forgot for a moment, I was recovering from a bad flu and the   beautiful aroma automatically mend my appetite.  The chicken was tender and juicy and baking with a foil over the chicken before covering it with the lid, has given the chicken a deeply golden color and the aroma and flavor sealed in. The sauce was super delicious...richly flavored with the natural sweetness from the free range chicken and red onions  and the subtle fragrant of basil and rosemary herbs that I used was enough to give me back my appetite.  This was easy to whip up and as I was recovering from my flu, it has made cooking easier for me. I just have to dump everything into the casserole dish and baked it for an hour and tada it was ready for serving.  

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pan Seared Honey Teriyaki Chicken Onions

I was down with flu the whole of last week and had been on a course of antibiotics  , thus I have not been cooking anything nice of late and have been on a simple diet of just plain ABC soup with vermicelli. I cannot expect Wild Boar to go on the same diet like me , so I just pan seared this simple chicken drumstick with lots of onion rings just for him when I was feeling better.  He loves it even though it is such a simple dish :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Homemade Healthy Chapati II

* Edited on 1/3/2012 - This post made it to Foodbuzz  Today's Top 9  :)  Thanks for your buzz !

Time flies it is already the 3rd day of 2012 . I had a wonderful 2011 ...a year full of trying out new recipes and a year of  knowing new friends since joining FFWD.  I did not make any new year resolutions this year but I promised myself more baking and more cooking in 2012 and to clear off the long long list of what I had KIV last year :p   

One of the things I needed to do for this new year is to look for a good Chapati / flatbread recipe that will  remains soft till the last bite.  I came upon one recipe that looks good and it uses yoghurt , warm milk and vegetable oil . This is so healthy without the ghee or butter .  I am quite happy with the result , though it did not stay soft throughout the meal LOL! Soft when it is still warm but half way through the meal, the other pieces turned slightly hard.  I had to microwave the rest of the chapatis and they turned soft again.  I will continue to make chapati until I get a soft chapati ( I will not rest until I get the soft chapati ...ahem ) ...maybe the recipe is right but the handling of the dough my be not correctly done .   Maybe some of you would like to share the secret with me on how to make a soft chapati :)   I welcome any tips from you :)   I want to make chapati my staple food for 2012....can ?  I made the chappatis and Wild Boar cooked the beef curry for our new year meal.  Take a peek at my new year meal.    

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