Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Homemade Healthy Chapati II

Time flies ...now it is already the 3rd day of 2012 . I had a wonderful 2011 ...a year full of trying out new recipes and a year of  knowing new friends since joining FFWD.  I did not make any new year resolutions this year but I promised myself more baking and more cooking in 2012 and to clear off the long long list of what I had KIV last year :p   

One of the things I needed to do for this new year is to look for a good Chapati / flatbread recipe that will  remains soft till the last bite.  I came upon one recipe that looks good and it uses yoghurt , warm milk and vegetable oil . This is so healthy without the ghee or butter .  I am quite happy with the result , though it did not stay soft throughout the meal LOL! Soft when it is still warm but half way through the meal, the other pieces turned slightly hard.  I had to microwave the rest of the chapatis and they turned soft again.  I will continue to make chapati until I get a soft chapati ( I will not rest until I get the soft chapati ...ahem ) ...maybe the recipe is right but the handling of the dough my be not correctly done .   Maybe some of you would like to share the secret with me on how to make a soft chapati :)   I welcome any tips from you :)   I want to make chapati my staple food for 2012....can ?  I made the chappatis and Wild Boar cooked the beef curry for our new year meal.  Take a peek at my new year meal.    

Simple, healthy and delicious !   I would have enjoyed it even more if Wild Boar had given the curry a bit more gravy.  The curry tasted fantastic but just a little too dry for my chapatis....anyway,  thank you WB for helping out while I was busy rolling and tossing the chappatis !

There are different version of chapati recipes out there on the internet and I read through this one and I have never tried with yoghurt before so the urge to make it is so strong coz I love chapati and this is my second attempt at making it. This chapati is much softer than my first attempt.  Definitely have room for improvement.  Practice Makes Perfect and Everything In Moderation  are still my mottos for 2012 :))

Homemade Healthy Chapati II
makes 4 pieces

ingredients :-

1 cup Atta flour
2 tbsp of plain yoghurt
2 tbsp of vegetable oil
a pinch of salt
1/4 cup or more warm fresh milk - enough to make a soft and pliable dough


Combine the atta flour with the yoghurt and oil...slowly add in the warm milk to the four mixture to form a soft and pliable dough.  Knead the dough for 5-7 minutes till it is smooth. Leave to rest for 30 minutes. Divide into  4 equal pieces . Shape each piece into a round ball and roll each ball into a flat round disc.  Warm the non-stick pan or tawa pan and cook the chapati till it blisters and puffs up - 3 mins on each sides.  Serve with curry or dhall curry of your choice.

Enjoy !


  1. This looks really healthy. I don't really fancy chapati because the one I bought ho, always very hard one. But I think if will be yummy if eaten together with curry :)

  2. I like your way of thinking, I didn't make any new year resolutions this year either, but making youeself a promise is good. Looking forward to seeing more of your baking!

  3. memnag healthy...but have to eat in moderation

  4. just came back 2 days ago and just started to chk my blog today. May 2012 be a better year for all of us and look forward to learn more and more from you, friend!

  5. Wishing you a happy and prosperous new year, Elin! Whah.....homemade capati with beef curry....mmmm...love it!

  6. Yes, more baking and more cooking....
    Happy cooking and Happy New Year too !

  7. Can't wait until you come up with that perfect soft chapati (and share the secret with us)!
    It always drives me crazy that I can't get them to stay soft and pliable once they have cooled down.

  8. Homemade Chapati? I'm impressed! Amazing u made this at home. Happy New Year, Elin!

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  9. Min...this recipe should be very soft with yoghurt in it, but maybe I did not knead enough or I have cooked it 1 minute too long. Have to experiment it one more time to get the right softness :)

    Lyndsey...yea more bentos too :)

    Kathy...dont worry, this chapati is made from yoghurt and not ghee so it is healthy chapati :)

    Lena...wow...welcome back. Looking forward to more bakes from you :)

    Mary...Happy New Year to you too :)

    Christine...yea...same to you too :)

    Cher...sure, will get back to you all when I get it right :)

    Blackswan...Happy New Year to you too :)

  10. A happy and Healthy New Year to you.
    I too like to make my own chappati and I normally served it with my own Dhall curry.

  11. Elaine....Happy New Year to you too...yea, it is much nicer though it may not keep soft and pliable when it is cold. Trying to master it and will one day learn to cook my own dhal curry :)

  12. Beautiful looking chapati, I admire your quest to find or create a recipe you love;-)

  13. i prefer chapati more than roti canai, less oily and healthy. Happy New Year 2012 to you Elin..

  14. Great start to the new year, Elin! Congrats on making Top 9 today!

  15. I love chapati, and had no idea how to make them myself. :) Sound delicious, and wonderfully healthy!

  16. Patty...thanks :)

    Sonia...same to you...yea chapati is healthy food without the ghee :) Yoghurt makes it softer and healthier too :)

    Ping...thank you...my first for 2012 and hopefully I can make it to Top 9 more often :)

  17. Love grill Indian breads. I made healthy naan a few weeks ago and loved every minute of it - not to mention it tasted amazing. Looking forward to trying this out. Thanks

  18. Awesome recipe. I love any type of grilled bread, especially in the winter. Congrats on Top 9!

  19. These look delicious, thank you for sharing! Happy New Year and congrats on Top 9. :)

  20. Hi, new GFC follower, I saw this on the Top 9, Congratulations they look delicous. I have tried making these before but they didn't turn out quite right. I will have to try and follow your recipe and hopefully have better luck. Nice to meet you.

  21. Hi,
    Love chapatti.
    I talked with a friend, she said to try adding a couple
    Tablsp of potato flakes to the dough.

    I use this flat bread recipe. Probably try your recipe
    And mine together
    Here's the recipe:

  22. They already look perfect for me, Elin.

  23. This looks delicious. You did a wonderful job and are to be commened. I hope you have a great weekend. Blessings...Mary

  24. Ah.. Yummy! Well done! You reminded me of when I worked with indian ladies at work and one would sneak home-made chapati's and potato curry for me as treats into my bag at work so no-one else saw and got jealous!! Ha Ha Ha!
    To repay her kindness, my mum and me concocted a chilli and garlic sauce one night at mum's takeaway after hours. We never noted the recipe and forgot how we made it but t was pretty darn yummy! So much so, my indian colleague's family said we should bottle and sell it! They LOVED it!
    Thanks for bringing me back fun memories :D

  25. You made your own chapati !!!! I want this too !!

  26. Jaime....you are welcome..hope yours will turn out great too :)

    Dara...thanks :)

    Jess...thank you :)

    Suzi...thank you and welcome to GFC :)

    Kanei...thanks, I shall check it out. I have some potato flakes in the fridge :)

    Angie...* blushing, thanks :)

    Mary...thank you :)

    Lynne...you are welcome :) do try making these yourself , you will love it :) You must share your chilli concoction with me :)

    Joanna...yeah, you must learn how to make this yourself :)

  27. Nice post. Chapati is my favourite. chapati is healthy food. Thanks for charing preparation of chapati.
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