Saturday, May 21, 2011

Vietnamese Spring Roll With A Twist

Flipping through the Flavours Magazine , January- February 2011  issue , I saw this simple and yet delicious Fresh Prawn Spring Roll....and as usual , the itchy hands want to try it out  .  A month ago , Piggy Cuz gave me a packet of rice paper from Vietnam and  I knew I am ready to roll into Spring  ( hehehe though it is summer here all the year through ) .  I gave it a twist though ( I am always in the habit of changing the ingredients  :p  ) I sneaked in this sinful  ingredient into the roll...fresh crab meat  ! And the outcome, a mouthwatering vietnamese spring roll garnished with aromatic toasted sesame seeds !

I made a few rolls , just enough for the two of us....I love making these as starters or appetizers before eating our main meal.  It cheers me up chomp down these delectable spring rolls before having the main meal :p I made my own sauce to go with these instead of the usual fish dipping sauce.  A combo of chopped Basil , sliced onions and bird's eye chilli with calamansi juice and light soy sauce was a perfect dipping sauce to go with these rolls.   Love the chopped basil in the sauce rather than having the basil leaves in the rolls as the recipe calls for.  And I finished it with some toasted sesame seeds garnished on top.  A flavorful roll no doubt, and don't forget the sweet crab meat and prawn in the roll  !  whoa forget about the calories and enjoy first :p moderation is my motto  and lots of exercise for HDL :)))

Vietnamese Spring Roll With A Twist  ( adapted from Flavor Magazine Jan-Feb 2011 issue -
original name for this is Fresh Prawn Spring Roll )
( Printable Recipe )


10 Vietnamese rice paper  wrappers

20 g sesame seeds, toasted
10 g fresh medium-sized prawns - blanched, shelled and halved
100 g butterhead lettuce leaves * I used curly endives
20 g glass noodles- soaked and drained
Thai Basil leaves
mint leaves
* I added carrots and crab meat

To prepare the spring roll :

Wipe rice paper with a damp towel moisten and soften the wrapper or follow the instructions given on the  packet of the rice paper wrappers.

Lay it on a clean chopping  board and place two prawn halves in the centre. Top with two lettuce leaves, some glass noodles, basil leaves and mint leaves. Sprinkle with some toasted sesame seeds. Fold the two sides to partially enclose the filling and roll up firmly.

Serve with fish dipping sauce

Fish Dipping Sauce

250 ml white vinegar
250 ml water
140 g sugar
30 g fish sauce
10g garlic, chopped
10g red chili, chopped
2 tbsp peanuts , toasted and crushed
1 tbsp grated carrot

In a small saucepan, bring the vinegar, water and sugar to boil. Simmer over low heat for about 30 minutes, or until syrupy. Add the fish sauce. Remove from heat and set aside to cool before adding the rest of the ingredients.

Enjoy  rolling into Spring.......... ^   ___*

*           *         *


  1. Haha, why worry about the calories?
    I don't think there are much here.

  2. Oh yum, fresh crab meat! As if it's nit good enough already! :))

  3. My MIL used these skin to make popiah

  4. My daughter loves this. I still prefer the traditional nyonya popiah...

  5. Your spring rolls look so good with prawns.

  6. Wah ! fresh crab meat! cant beat that...YUMMMMMM.... I must make another batch :)))

  7. Wow! Look divine! I think this is healthy there aren't any fats in this dish at all but full of flavoursome and fresh ingredients! Crab and prawn! I'm salivating at the thought! Best not show hubby, he'll demand this for his dinner!

  8. It's awesome, Elin! I can go without the main meal and wallop these.

  9. Don't those look good? Like how you kicked it up a notch too.

  10. These look super tasty! I love spring rolls any time of the year and I love the addition of crab meat.

  11. These look really wonderful.It is hard not to like the ingredients you selected to make your rolls. I know I'd love them. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  12. Good try, Elin! I was waiting for this rice sheets to arrive. Don't know when! ha... I think this is perfect for this kind of heaty season. Hope you're enjoying your weekend.
    Cheers, Kristy

  13. seeing your ingredients here, i know this is definately much better than the one that i had not long know where!

  14. Oh, I'm always getting the itch to try something new, too...and these look like a wonderful recipe to try! Beautiful job!

  15. Simple, fresh and delicious! Very healthy too =)

  16. Wendy...haha yea not much but I have been eating seafood like no body business :p

    Bee Bee...haha yea it was delicious with lots of fresh crab meat so sweet and mmmm you can imagine how great it was :)

    Kathy....good idea to use this rice wrapper for popiah :) You have just given me the idea :) thanks!

    Arthur....Melissa loves it who doesn't I love it then I can eat a few at one sitting :)

    Angie....yea :)

    Belinda....haha me too :)

    Zurin...yea...actually it is so healthy muching on these veggie filled rolls :) And not to forget to make your homemade thai chilli sauce :) yum yum alright !

    Lynne...I forgot your hubby's homeland dish :p you better make some for him lest he will be drooling :p

    Cheah...yea and eat as much as we can and the fillings are so versatile :)

    Lori...yea and thanks for dropping by :)

  17. Wilde...yea..crabmeat makes it even more delectable and I am sure everyone will love to rolls in spring and the coming summer :)

    Mary...hahaha yup, actually the fillings can be so versatile :) glad you too like the fillings I have picked for the rolls. You too have a nice day :)

    Kristy....where did you order your rice wrapper from ?

    Lena...homemade ones are anytime better off :) you can have the best ingredients and of your choice too :) where else those served at restaurants are standard ones :)

    Lizzy...:) thanks, your comments are always so encouraging to me :) as soon as I get the book, I shall join your French Fridays With Dorie. Will let you know soon :) Can't wait to join actually :)

    Ann...yea , simple and healthy food :) Thanks for your email and your kind thoughts :)


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