Sunday, May 1, 2011

Stir Fry Green Young Pea Shoots

I love to stir fry these young pea shoots with lots of garlic and sea salt . They are best eaten cooked this way. They contain many essential nutrients, like vitamins and minerals, as well as proteins and fibre. Peas shoots are available in local farmer’s markets and Asian grocers. I bought mine from Tesco and they have fresh stock everyday. Love them for their crispness. One thing to remember, just  stir fry them lightly so that the vitamins, protein and minerals are not lost. 

You can have stir fry them plain with just garlic and salt or with other ingredients like tofu and shrimps .  For me I love them plain or have them fresh in my sandwiches.  You can germinate them at home but have to make sure the seeds are not for sowing.   Click  here and here for more information on how to germinate them at home .  I will want to try this out though buying them from the supermart is cheap.  But just for curiousity sake, I might try germinating them myself  :p  Healthier I suppose and can eat them straight out of the tray if we can germinate them at home :)

Enjoy and have a green day  :)

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  1. wow this looks so great and fun for spring

  2. Not really a fan of the green seldom will have this.

  3. I just bought this from Tesco too yesterday morning. Will cook it later. ;-)

  4. I have never had young peas shoots, they look so very very good, there is something so wonderful about something so fresh and full of goodness!
    Now I have to see if I can find them at my grocer!
    Dennis aka Piggy chef

  5. I love these. It's so sweet. But seldom fry successfully. SOmetimes overcooked :p

  6. I've never tried young pea shoots before...hmm..looks like tou miao :)

  7. i like this too but i never knew that they can be eaten fresh!

  8. My grandmother used to cook this a lot, haven't had this in ages!

  9. o i miss pea shoots! This looks so inviting!

  10. Hi Deepthi , Rebecca , Arthur, Little Inbox , Piggy Dennis, Kathy, Anncoo, Lena , Ann, Hester, and Angie....

    thank you so much for taking the trouble to drop me a line here and your short note had really lifted me up :) Have a try at this pea is good for health :)


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