Friday, May 27, 2011

Steamed Mud Crab In Raisin Wine

I love crapping and crabbing....the Piggies love mud crabs cooked the sweet sour style but for me I love them steamed plain and dip them with chilli sauce or my favorite dipping sauce - basil, garlic , shallots and bird eye's chilli with light soy sauce... heaven on a plate !  The natural sweetness of the crab meat plus this wonderful basil dippings ....truly satisfying and all the calories forgotten for a while LOL!  Simply steamed them with some homemade raisin wine and spring onions and you can imagine how good these mud crabs were after the steaming process :)   And the crab juice , after the crabs suana bath , * wink *  infused with raisin wine was indeed lip smacking !  I leave the imagination part to you :p

I had a craving for mud crabs and partly also due to the itch to try out some recipes that involved using fresh crabmeat  We had two big ones for our dinner and the rest of the crabs , I flaked them and used them for the two recipes above.  I am a moderate person thus moderation is my motto in life.  Spread out the calories and I get to taste three different dishes with these crabs :)))

the crabs were like telling me that they don't like suana bath so to spare them
their eyes were like pleading for help.....gosh... but this wicked Momsie's
craving was just too in they go for their sauna bath :p

the basil dipping is good for seafood of any kind
the ingredients are just some chopped garlic, sliced shallots,
bird eye's chilli , fresh  basil and light soy sauce

the sweet and aromatic raisin wine infused 
gravy was lip smacking good

wish I could partake this more often.......
wish I could be forever young.....
to be able to indulge in this sinful crabbing :p

just look at the roe :p mouth watering sweetness
but artery clogging badness

a closer look for my Piggies....
awww...poor babies ...come home
and I will remake this for you both :))

Jo are you drooling............
sorry babe, I sound like the wicked Momsie all over again LOL!

Have a great crabbing weekend.....

*         *          *


  1. Yum... Looks good. With wine? Like drunken prawns?

  2. I'm coming over for dinner, ok?

  3. So so long I never eat crab.
    Now you make me crave for it!
    Mr R is not happy and is kicking me for crabs!

  4. OMG! Crabs & wines are both my are making me very HUNGRY!!

  5. Elin, these days are not easy to get some nice meaty crabs. Yours looks really mouthwatering.

  6. Elin, My family loves crab especially the steamed one. Just wonder how to make raisin wine?

  7. wow...I miss crabs! Steamed in raisin wine...that sounds and looks just marvelous!

  8. these mud crabs are the ones i missed most.

    this is a very good recipe!!!!

  9. any leftovers for me??? asking unnecessarily hor...

  10. Arthur....something like that but drunken prawns, it drowns the prawns where else for this dish , the raisin wine serves as a marinade to the crabs...doesnt drown the crabs :)

    Cheah....welcome hahaha

    Kathy....yea mine too..but have to control and eat in moderation :)

    Wendy....hahaha smooth delivery and stop thinking of this or Mister R will be salivating when he comes out :)

    Reese....sorry and have a great trip to SG :)

    Kristy...thanks...they have season so if you buy them then, they will be meaty :)

    Anncoo.. will be posting up soon :)

    Angie...oh but you can use lobster just the same :)

    Lily....thanks :)

    Claire...nope...all in the stomach adi :)

  11. i'm still curious how does this raisin wine taste like..


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