Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Salted Egg Yolk Shrimps

This is one shrimp dish that the family love very much.  It is so fragrant and the wonderful taste of salted egg yolks on the shells that makes me want to crunch the shells and swallow together with the meat.  Shameful to note here that I do lick every ounce of deliciousness out of the shells before I throw them out :p That is the beauty of eating shrimps with the shells on :)   I have cooked this dish many times but each time I try to better it.  There is still room for improvement as to how to make the salted egg more fluffy and coated evenly on the shells like those served in restaurants.  I have yet to master the art ....well practice makes perfect ....:p   Okay okay if I can cook as good as them , then all the restaurants in Ipoh will have to close shop :p.  Do read on and drool on the pictures....virtual feeding is healthier though :))))

Somehow my salted egg yolks doesn't fluff out should be more fine sandy in texture instead of in bits even though I have mashed them up nicely....maybe someone can enlighten me on this :p but whatever it tasted good anyway...I passed the homecooked standard :p since no one in the family complained thus far LOL!  the rest of the photos are for porno are healthy and are calories-less :P  Shrimps can served in different preparations . You may like to sample some of my shrimps dishes all prepared in different recipes.

 Salted Egg Yolk Shrimps


12 pieces of medium sized shrimps – devein but leave the shell intact
1 tbsp corn potato flour
½ tsp of sea salt
2 salted duck egg yolk – cooked and mashed it coarsely

3 pip garlic- chopped fine
2 sprigs of curry leaves
2 bird's eye chillies

2 tbsp of olive oil
½ tsp of fish curry powder * optional


Pan seared the seasoned shrimps with olive oil on a non-stick pan till the shells are crispy on the outside and still juicy inside . Push aside the shrimps and sauté the garlic , curry leaves , chillies and the cooked mashed salted duck yolk till fragrant. Add the curry powder and stir fry the shrimps till well combined. Dish up and serve hot.

Enjoy  and do hop over to Elinluv's Sweet Delights
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buns  !

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Garlic, Italian Parsley Butter & Cheese Topping - Roux Method

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  1. Nah!!! I'm sure there are many many things that you can cook so much better than the restaurants...and many that restaurants can't cook. Me too! But maybe not so many... Muahahahaha!!!

  2. I'm sold! Hey, why don't we exhcange half from me and half from you. Then that is perfect. haha... We have 'yin yeong har"! Enjoy your day, dear.
    Cheer up,

  3. Momsie, I like this one! But each time when I want to order this when we eat out, my other half will say ' High cholsterol', so then will always end up ordering an extra 'ching chou choy'.... sigh!

  4. Merhabalar, damlanın özel öykü sayısında yayınlanan MÜJDE isimli öykümü okudunuzmu?

  5. I love salted eggs!! Shrimp and eggs is one of my favorite combinations - love the salted part.

  6. Next time why dont we have a pot bless in my house.. u, cheah, lena bring up some dishes!! hahaha...

  7. i love prawns and i love salted egg yolks, this will be very aphe seasalt tpetising for me. do you use the seasalt to marinate the prawns?

  8. Elin! Sigh... your family is so lucky, you make the best food! I can imagine you in the kitchen just throwing stuff together and producing a delicious dish. For me, I have to carefully measure out and follow a recipe. ha!

  9. Elin, again you cooked my favorite prawns! Making me hungry at this hour :D

  10. I love salty egg yolk with anything, especially prawns and crabs! I've never made them but from trying them at the stalls, your recipe looks spot on!

  11. That shrimp dish just looks too tempting. I need a big plate now...mmmm

  12. These shrimp look so tempting. It is wonderful to have a recipe like this in my recipe file. I hope you have a good day. Blessings...Mary

  13. Ooooo... another super salted egg yolk dish! Went to Ipoh a few weeks ago and didn't know where to get good food ... somebody should have pointed the way to your place!

  14. this is my husband favourite too, one day I may cook for him :)

  15. Arthur, Kristy, Cheah, Fuat , Belinda, Claire, Angie,
    Lena, Cath J, Roxan , Anncoo , Eugene, Mary Moh , Mary of One Perfect Bite , Ping and Jess

    Thank you so much for your lovely comments here :) It cheers me up each time you all leave me some sweets here :)

    Have a nice day to all of you who have dropped by .

  16. I loooove this dish but have never tried cooking. Worried I won't want to eat it after knowing what actually went in =P

  17. is so delicious that you will forget what's in it LOL!

  18. Hi, saw your Salted Egg Prawns recipe. Looks appetising! I've seen on TV and the chef used butter to stir fry the salted eggs. And it looks fluffy. Maybe you can try that instead of using olive oil.

    Emma's Bake


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