Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cute Bookmark That Makes Me Smile :)

After all the sad and happy emotions that we went through the last week, we got Jo settled in her new place . I know....I know KL is just 3 hours away but I still miss her...coz we are CLOSE  )  We left KL late in the afternoon, happy to note that Jo is happy with her new environment and new housemates.

Reached home and guess what ?  I found a note in the letter box from the Courier office asking me to collect a parcel since I was not in when they delivered the parcel to my place....whoa...this must be the parcel from Swee San of  The Sweet Spot - the Nigella Lawson book that I won for the Christmas contest.  Thank you so much Swee San for the books and it was so sweet of her to add an extra book for me...which came as a surprise. Will be collecting it tomorrow :)  And showcase it on my next post ...let's see what is the surprise gift from her besides the Nigella Lawson book :p

And this cutie little piggy bookmark was given to me by the Wild Boar....since I miss my gal so much, he said this will definitely cheer me up.....whoa so kind of him . It did cheer me up . It was a huge paper clip with a cute piggy and a big heart....the perfect little gift that I can use to bookmark the recipe I want :)))  So thoughtful of the Wild Boar :p  

Now the house is quiet again.....I am actually the lovesick Momsie right now but I believe I shall soon get use to the idea that they have to have their own life . I truly miss my Piggies....silly ole me !!!  Don't worry, I shall be back to my baking and cooking.....creativity shall take over the lovesickness I am going through right now. Stay tuned, I shall bounce back and shall fill this blog with lots of goodies  :)))

Shall be back to baking and cooking soon !

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Have a great day !

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  1. Hey! I got similar bookmark from a friend too. Mine was flower and handbag. u said KL is just 3hrs away. Moreover now got the comfy train. The more reason for you to come down to KL la.

  2. Hang in there momise....Jo is much closer now compared to last time. :) enjoy ur new books & cute bookmark!

  3. Aw....your baby piglet off again? Waaaahhh...... I will have to post some Minh pics to cheer you up - he's growing fast into a BIG BOY!

    Love the bookmark! Xxxx

  4. A congratulatory wish to you, Elinluv... please make use of the beautiful recipe book.. :)

  5. I guess both of us miss them very much.. sometimes tears going to fall too.. lets cheer each other up.. by eating!

  6. This bookmark is sooo cute!!! I love your blog! I am passing on a stylish blogger award to you that you can retrieve here:

  7. all their bookmark but wild boar say this is the cutest and it reminds me of my Piggies wor :) So thoughtful of him...thus cannot be angry with him for long at times :p

    Bee Bee....yea but still miss leh :)) cant hug and hold ma :)) but have to get used to it..sooner or later have to marry off :p

    Swee the books them very much thanks...great for my next Xmas and CNY. Love that Bowl of Fortune too...Thanks and muaxx :)))

    Lynne...ohhhh yessss Minh...hahaha yess give me more of Minh..he is so adorable ! Esp when he gurgles away " I love you Auntie Elin " Muax him for me :))

    Claire....yea..I know you miss Aaron too. Yess....lets go makan makan and drown our blues away :) Yea...will be cooking away soon...once I get back my momentum :p

    Manuela.....thanks for the first for this year :) you have a beautiful blog too and I look forward to more sharing of recipes with you :)

  8. I love that bookmark! i have a few myself that I keep to just cheer me up. My BF thinks its weird, but oh well.

    Thanks for your comment today on Chef Dennis' blog :)

  9. are welcome. Your dough nut looks good...soft and fluffy :) Thanks for sharing the recipe :)


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