Friday, February 11, 2011

Guest Post For Chef Dennis - Bliny With Créme Fraiche & Smoked Salmon

Bliny With Créme Fraiche & Smoked Salmon

I could hardly contain my happiness when I received an email from Chef Dennis of More Than A Mount Full- A Culinary Journey ,  inviting me to do a guest post for him .  Of course , it is a great honor to do a guest post for him ! He is an executive chef  who has 35 years of cooking experience . And he heads a culinary program at Mount St. Joseph’s Academy, a girl’s school in Pennsylvania. I have been reading his blog for the past one year and am an ardent fan of his writings, for he tells the most beautiful and interesting stories with his amazing food photos. He has just started  a column on his blog “ Ask Chef Dennis “ and he has provided so much invaluable culinary know- how for all home cooks like myself.  " Thank You ,Chef Dennis, for giving me this privilege to guest post for you "

Have a great weekened!

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  1. Hi Elin

    Thank you so much for all your hard work on your guest post, I just love it!!
    Your friendship and support is truly appreciated!
    Piggy Chef Dennis

  2. I agreed with you he's got a great blog, very informative and full of awesome photos and recipes! Like your post there:D

  3. Elin, I just read your post at Chef Dennis site. Looks very beautiful and delicious :) Thumbs Ups!!

  4. just came back from dennis's blog, that'a wonderful post!btw, happy valentines day to you!

  5. I must hop over to his blog soon and you too did a lovely post!

  6. Hi to all, thanks for dropping by :)

    Chef Dennis...thanks for the opportunity to showcase this Bliny to all your readers :)


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