Sunday, August 2, 2009

Udon In Seafood Soup

Our dinners menu lately are mostly all in one…cooking one dish meal is so time saving and less washing :) and it is normally a well balanced preparation . Tonight’s dinner menu was Udon In Seafood Soup. There were veggie , seaweed tofu, fresh Korean mushrooms, enoki , prawns and sea clams. The soup base is chicken flavoured undertone and I added konbu to make it more tasty and aromatic. The soup was boiled for ¾ hour under small fire to allow the flavor from the konbu to infuse into the chicken soup. I added in the prawns and sea clams to make up the soup base. Once the prawns turned red and the sea clams has opened up, I added in 1 tablespoon of sake mirin into the soup for extra flavor. Whoaa..the soup was tasty and flavourful. I included some bok choy , korean mushrooms, enoki and seaweed tofu to the Udon thus making this one dish meal a delectable one! And to make it more complete, I garnished it with some nori strips..YUMMY is the word!

My better half has no complaints….seeing him attacking the Udon with so much enthusiasm made me a happy other half… so more one dish meals in the coming days :p

Udon In Seafood Soup - 2 persons


Soup base

1 cube chicken stock
1 4” X 4” piece of konbu
1500ml water

6 pieces of fresh prawns
10 pieces of sea clams

Ingredient accompaniments for Udon
bok choy – for 2 persons
seaweed tofu – 1 piece - diced
enoki – 1 pkt
some fresh Korean mushrooms

some nori strips for garnishing

* some fried garlic & garlic oil - optional
2 pkts of Udon - Blanch in hot boiling water - drained


Boil the above soup base ingredients in a soup pot for ¾ hours under small fire till the flavor of the konbu is infused into the soup. Add in the prawns and sea clams and boils till the prawns turned red and the sea clams are opened up. Add salt to taste.
Turn off the fire and leave it aside until needed.

Blanch the bok choy, seawood tofu, enoki and the fresh Korean mushrooms. Drained and leave aside.

Serve the Udon in a bowl with all accompaniment ingredients , pour the seafood soup over it. and garnish with nori strips ,fried garlic and some garlic oil.



  1. I need something like that...for so LONG that I haven't had good seafood noodle soup, not to mention Udon!

    Angie's Recipes

  2. been some time since i've eaten mussels, and NEVER once at home.
    aiyo ...

    family dun really dig seafood.

  3. I would love to have a bowl of udon. I just wrote on my noodle post too, the prawn noodle in clear soup, hehe...

  4. i love these kind of meals as well LOl

  5. I love the seafood in your udon soup!! I bet it's must taste yummy delicious!!

  6. You always make unique and amazing dishes.

    I love visiting your site...

  7. Less washing afterward-I hear that! This dish looks fantastically delicious.

  8. Hi Angie's recipes, J2Kfm,Little Inbox, how & Chatter , Miranda ,Beachlover's Kitchen and Captn Rachel,

    Thanks for dropping me a line...seafood udon is great and it add taste and flavor to the udon. I love it being prepared this way! Yumm :)

  9. Great soup, makes me really hungry :))

  10. The meal looks absolutely delicious! One pot meals are my favorite also. Yours seems nutritious and wholesome!

  11. @ Christelle : Haha...yup it looks delicious and can make you hungry :)

    @ Diana Bauman : :) is nutritious and all in one, simple yet tasty.


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