Friday, August 21, 2009

Sea Clams In Wine Soup

I thought I will just steam a fish and blanch some greens for dinner but when I went brisk walking ( my routine exercise ) last evening, I walked past this fish stall outside my housing estate and I could not resist stopping by to see what fishes they have for sale …these fishes are from Pantai Remis ,a coastal fishing village in Perak….the fishes were fresh but triple the cost compared to those frozen ones sold in the supermart but worth buying coz they are so fresh and sweet. I ended up buying some threadfin salmon and black promfret and not least to mention, a kilo of fresh sea clams too…persuaded by the seller of course! :p :p Sales talk as usual, promoting his stuff so I was sweet talk into buying these sea clams but no was so sweet that we finished one kilogramme of it :)) He even taught me how to cook them…. free cooking lesson , YAY…wonderful isn’t it ;p

I have never tried this specie before but looking at them I was seduced by their lustrous look and freshness! :))) We had extra dish for dinner last nite and Piggy gal was lucky coz she took the last train back and she too get to enjoy the clams :)) I cooked the way the seller taught me. Cooked them in wine and served as a soup dish….it was so sweet and honestly it is best eaten this way. You get to taste the original sweetness of the clam meat and the soup was heaven on earth….excuse my term of expression , it was really GOOD! :))))

the scent is out of this world.
and the infusion it makes is absolutely magical.

One minute you are entranced by this delicious aroma,
the next it is exploding in your mouth…

Just imagine
how many miles I have to walk
to reduce the calories and burn up the bad cholesterol!!!!!
self restrain!!!
walk walk walk and not pass the fish stall again
I forget to mention, he sell
mud crabs too......
I really have to stay away from this stall..
temptation is too great here....LOL!

Sea Clams In Wine Soup

1 kilo of sea clams – soaked and washed clean, drained

enough water just to cover the clams * I didn’t measure ,so you have gauge yourself :p½ cup of Chinese cooking wine
1 thumb size ginger – julienne
3 pips of garlic- crushed
3 chilli padi
1 tbsp of olive oil
sea salt to taste


Saute the ginger and garlic with the olive oil in a pot till fragrant. Pour enough water for the soup into the pot and boil for ½ hour and let the ginger and garlic infuse into the soup . Put fire to high and let the soup boils rapidly for another 5 mins, add in the clams , chilli padi and the wine together and stir till well mixed. When the soup boils and the shells are opened, off the fire and add sea salt to taste. Serve hot.

* Do not overcook the clams, the meat will become hard and shrink in size.



  1. I'm so envy that you get to buy such fresh seafood! I love shell fish, so I'm sure that this dish must be very yummy. :-)

  2. Wish I could easily to find some good shellfish and cook myself a seafood feast!

    Angie's Recipes

  3. it looks yamiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!

  4. We do have lots of clams here but way too expensive. A pound cost like $5.99 and with the heavy shells we don't get much so I hardly buy any. I bet the clams soup taste great. I can smell it all the way here ha ha..

  5. i am always so envious of the food stuffs you have access to.

  6. @ Piggy : I love staying in Ipoh coz I can still get fresh sea fish from the road side stalls! :))

    @Angie's Recipes : :) do try this out Angie, this clam soup is tasty and delicious :)

    @ tracie Moo it is :)

    @ Oana : Hi Oana, it sure tastes good!

    @ ICook4Fun: Hi Gert, here I paid RM7 for a kilogramme so I guess it is cheaper over here :) When u next come back for ur holidays, you can cook this :)))

    @ Maybelle's Mom : :), this is the only thing I am happy about.. :p


  7. you're so lucky to around great fresh seafood on a daily basis. The soup sounds so comforting and yummy!

  8. I'm so jealous! It's so hard to fresh seafood here esp shell fish! Looks so delicious!

  9. Elin, this is my favorite way to enjoy these clams. It's just so sad that I cannot find these in the midwest :( The smallest I've been able to find are Little Neck. Just not the same. Love the pics!!

  10. @Jessie & Pigpigscorner: I guess I am lucky LOL!

    @ Zurin : Haha...clams cooked in serai and turmeric and chili padi would be delciious too for buka puasa :))

    @ Diana Bauman : :) cook the clams in white/red wine would be nice too.


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