Friday, March 4, 2022

Chicken Curry

Whenever I suggest Chicken Curry for dinner, no one will complain coz everyone in the family loves curry of any kind. It's versatile, can be eaten as a stand alone dish or as accompaniment for steamed glutinous rice or Asian flatbread. Normally, I will cook a big portion so that the extra can be served for the next day breakfast. This time, I didn't use store bought packet paste. I prepared my own curry paste from scratch. I blended shallots, garlic, lemongrass, ginger and soaked overnight dried chilli till fine paste. When cooking time, add a few tbsp of Alagappa Curry Powder for meat cooking and a tbsp of Kashmir Red chilli powder ( can get them from the Indian grocer )for a more vibrant red in the curry. I discovered that by sauteing the paste together with the chicken meat till chicken pieces are three quarter cooked , the curry will taste better, just my opinion:) . Then add light coconut milk ( amount depends on the amount of meat and potato used ) to the chicken meat and paste and summer under low heat for the chicken meat to be completely cooked. Then add in the preboiled potato will shorten cooking time. Add the thick coconut milk last. It is best to cook the Chicken Curry earlier so that the flavours can absorb into the potato and chicken meat, making the curry deepen in taste and making the curry more delicious.

and addition of Kashmir Red chilli powder makes the curry redder in colour

Saute the chicken meat together with curry paste and curry leaves will make the curry taste much better, I think I have been doing it the wrong way all this while 😅


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