Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Napa Cabbage Rolls With Sticky Rice

First Meatless Meal....testing out to see if my Meat Eater can have Meatless Meal at least twice a week 🤣 Napa Cabbage Rolls with sticky rice. Recipe inspired by instagrammer @woon.heng . I tweaked the filling recipe a bit, mine the fillings is just steamed sticky rice with mushroom,chopped chilli and carrots. Seasoning is oyster sauce. Cooked a light sauce with sliced mushrooms for the Napa Cabbage Rolls. So yummy good. No complaints so far. He likes sticky rice so I supposed he is fine with this dish.

this is seriously so good, I used
cast iron pan to braised the wrapped
Napa cabbage 

the glutinous rice filling is
 flavour packed
blanch the Napa cabbage to soften 
and enable wrapping easier

Click here for the recipe

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