Saturday, September 14, 2019

Taiwanese Style Steamed Pork Ribs With Yam

I discovered a new recipe to be added to my dinner menu list.  It is a Taiwanese style of steamed pork ribs with yam.  A very flavourful dish and for me it's a new way of cooking pork ribs. I like new ideas when in comes to cooking for dinner.  Firstly, the pork ribs has to be marinated with the marinade ingredients for at least 30 mins or more.  While the ribs are resting with the marinades, prepare the pan fry the glutinous rice and rice with sichuan peppers till golden brown. Use the chopper, blend it coarsely.  Before steaming add to the marinated ribs.  Simple and easy to prepare dish. A new dish to be added to my dinner menu list.  You can try this dish if you are adventurous like me, testing new recipes for the family.

blend the pan fried glutinous rice, rice and sichuan pepper
coarsely to be added to the marinated ribs
 a few mins before steaming

best to marinate the ribs for at least 30 mins
or overnight for better taste and flavour

you can cut the yam to bite size if you desire
 mine was a bit chunky

place the yam pieces on the bottom layer and
place the marinated ribs over the surface of the yam
 Steam for 40-45 mins until the yam are soft
and ribs are cooked thru

garnish with chopped spring onions 

yummy piece of pork rib coated with the glutinous rice

Taiwanese Style Steamed Pork Ribs With Yam


500 gm of pork ribs - clean off bone chippings and blanch with hot water
, drain off excess water
1 small yam (300gm) - cut into small chunks or as desired

(A)marinade ingredients  

3 tbsp of light soy sauce
2 tbsp of chinese rice wine
4 cloves of garlic - chopped
2 tbsp of  preserved black beans ( tou si )
1 tbsp of brown sugar

Pan toast till light golden brown , cool down and blend coarsely
50 gm white rice - wash, rinsed and drip dry
25 gm glutinous rice - wash, rinsed and drip dry
1 tsp sichuan pepper

40ml water
1 tsp of sesame oil

chopped bird's eye chillies
chopped spring onions

Marinate the cleaned Pork ribs with ingredients (A) for at least 30 mins .
Before steaming, add in the coarsely blended pan toasted glutinous and white rice to the marinated ribs, add in the water and sesame oil till well mixed.

Arrange the chunks of yam on the bottom of steaming glass tray or any steaming deep plate you desired, add on the well marinated pork ribs on top of the yam. Steam over hot boiling steamer for 40 to 45 mins till yam has softened and ribs and the rice are cooked through.  Garnish with the spring onions and chillies . Serve hot!


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